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AWESOME GAME! But one tiny thing...

[Post New]by Blue_Phoenix on Jan 20, 10 5:05 AM
I totally love this game and would recommend it to all HOBG lovers that enjoy inventory and jumping between locations. Everything about it is challenging but as I got the collector's ed., it did come in handy in sticky situations!

However, my biggest beef with the game if I had to say, is that even when youre spot on with your mouse arrow on the object you want to select, many times it still wont pick it up. For a game that keeps track of the percentages of missed clicks, developers must widen the clickable area for things such as hangers which are thin wires! I do know Ive clicked tons of times on an object I KNOW is correct and it wont go. So, I use a hint and dontcha know, it tells me the piece is where I was and exactly what I was trying to get. And even then, it still takes many clicks to get it, thus lowering my score average.

In games like this where objects are so well hidden in over crowded scenes that are dark too, a lot, please broaden the clicking area so we dont go nuts! Not for the entire game but for those thin or extremely small objects that you know everyone has trouble grabbing.

Other than that, this game rocks beyond belief and I recommend it whole heartedly to every HOB game lovers!!! 5***** and High Honors A++

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Re:AWESOME GAME! But one tiny thing...

[Post New]by maggotUK on Jan 20, 10 5:16 AM
I so agree with you, but I love this game. Some of the puzzles are simple, and some are quite hard.
But I replayed the game and wanted to get a good percentage(its the competitor in me) and on the tiny objects, such as a coffee bean, raisin, and fishing hook, I kept getting crosses. One way out of this is to exit the room, go back in, and then go on the fattest part of the object! This worked a copuple of times, but not on the fishing hook.
I had to set my screen brightness to the highest, and likewise the contrast to see some of the scenes, but the overall enjoyment is A+.

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Re:AWESOME GAME! But one tiny thing...

[Post New]by dogfish12 on Jan 20, 10 6:27 AM
Thanks-I was beginning to think my eye/hand coord was gone! But a fabulous game otherwise-fantastic graphics.

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Re:AWESOME GAME! But one tiny thing...

[Post New]by jencollett on Jan 21, 10 1:30 AM
What annoys me and what lets this game down is the help. It is way beyond annoying to search for something for 20 minutes and then not to be shown where it is. I would much prefer to be shown an outline or the general area first. The other thing is the solution to each episode it would be much much beter to have that revealed line by line so that you could scroll down for more if you want it. I oened one solution and then had to try to read one line only - after which I could solve the section myself. If these features are addressed next time this would be a great game up there with MCF

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