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Relaxed mode

[Post New]by chiniakbay on Jan 20, 10 8:13 AM
I wish they would say if there was a relaxed mode in some of these games. Is there in this one? I hate running out of time.


Re:Relaxed mode

[Post New]by crissi73 on Mar 8, 10 4:05 PM
I finished the game and no relax mode appeared - thought you might need to finish the game to gain that as a reward.


Re:Relaxed mode

[Post New]by GARRYSCHO on May 8, 10 8:37 PM
I too would enjoy a relaxed mode. I haven't got all the gold cups but have many. I have finished the game and going back over old challenges to get the gold or even silver in some cases. I am 68 so I am not as fast as some of the younger players. please help us to relax and put relaxed mode in.

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