Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by AeowynH on Jan 20, 10 8:30 PM
I am at the level where I have purchased the mansion for a million dollars. I have completed all the levels and have all the upgrades but when I click to enter the house, it tells me "Complete all of the previous levels first."

I HAVE completed them all. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by gillyw on Jan 21, 10 3:56 AM
Am having exactly the same problem. Came here to get an answer! Help anyone??


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by TnMudpie on Jan 21, 10 9:16 AM
me too


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by SpringMelody on Jan 21, 10 11:10 AM
Try to replay the level with the water park (last island, on the map are water slides next to it). At least I think that is what allowed me to continue.


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by AeowynH on Jan 21, 10 1:24 PM
Thanks so much. It worked for me, too!


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by gillyw on Jan 22, 10 2:23 AM
Yes - worked for me too. Thank you!


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by star_dust90 on Jan 24, 10 5:57 AM
I was about to give up, thanks for the info!!


Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by rye_whiskee on Jan 27, 10 11:24 PM
I wonder if its a glitch. It makes no sense to work up the levels, get the money, buy the mansion and be told you didn't complete the levels. Ilogical.

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Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by Minuet888 on Jan 31, 10 5:52 PM
I did everything including the water park and it is still telling me to complete all levels first. I went through everything to make sure it was completed and yes I finished everything so why can't I play the last level?

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Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by bfgCelebes on Feb 19, 10 11:33 AM
Hi folks,

If you find yourself unable to finish the game properly, please send an e-mail to our Customer Support team with a Dr. Felix report attached.

To do this, first run the Dr. Felix program (click the link below):

Dr. Felix

After downloading and running the Dr. Felix program, it will save a .zip file to your desktop. Attach this file to your message when e-mailing Customer Support. For more information on how to do this, check out the following article:

Attach File to Customer Support Ticket.


~~~bfgCelebes~ ~~~

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Re:Million Dollar Mansion

[Post New]by Liz_Lemon on Jan 21, 11 2:22 AM
Replay the water park level -- last level before the mansion. Seems to be working for everyone in all the other mansion threads, so I tried it and it worked for me.

I'm a little disappointed at how easy the mansion level was though. :-(

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