i'm stuck already!

[Post New]by margiecrum1 on Jan 21, 10 4:32 AM
has anyone played Mystic Diary the Lost Brother? how do you open the chest to get the thing you need to get the hot key? has any one got a walk thru for this game?

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Re:i'm stuck already!

[Post New]by kitten61758 on Jan 21, 10 4:38 AM
Welcome to the pond, MARGIECRUM1

Sorry I've never played it but I'm sure another fishie will be along soon that knows.

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Re:i'm stuck already!

[Post New]by haggishead on Jan 21, 10 4:40 AM
It's been a while since I played this game so can't help you but you can get a blog walkthrough if you connect to the game on bfg download games site 'Check out Blog Walkthrough' or something. Mystic Brother is a game I enjoyed. Good luck.

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Re:i'm stuck already!

[Post New]by BinLA on Jan 21, 10 7:04 AM
Usually, there's a link to the walkthrough on a game's specific forum.

Here's a link to the walkthrough for this game:


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Re:i'm stuck already!

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Jan 21, 10 10:29 AM
Hey margiecrum1,

Welcome to the pond! We do have a walkthrough for this game and thanks to BinLA for beating me to the punch.

We also have a full game forum for Mystic Diary: Lost Brother, so I've gone ahead and moved this thread over.

I've posted the link to the walkthrough as well as the full game forum below!

Mystic Diary: Lost Brother blog walkthrough

Mystic Diary: Lost Brother full game forum

Happy gaming!


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