Disappearing and Reappearing Friends

[Post New]by anistoni on May 29, 16 7:23 AM
I was just wondering if anyone else has this issue friends disappearing then reappearing I'll go from having over 30 something to like 4 and I'll check later and they'll be back. It happened today while I was playing. I clicked to see how many friends I had and I had the 30 something. I went yay my friends are back so I picked the big treasure map. Just checked; I'm back to four, bummer .


Re:Disappearing and Reappearing Friends

[Post New]by NANNYPJ on Jun 5, 16 11:17 PM
Same problem here I made a personal list of my friends n codes in case I lost them but my count the other day went to 14 friends I never have had using a code number of 116185 which is not mine and lost my 117 of my personal list, then 3 plays later my personal list of 117 were back when I added the 14 requests and my game count according to Wanderland is at 103. Will help all friends I am able to each day . I HAVE SENT MANY DAYS OF 10 GIFTS BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO AFTER 10 GIFTS IS THEY ASK YOU TO BUY WITH COINS OR RUBIES AND ALSO WITH THE CURSES OF 5 EVEN IF YOU HAVE CURSES OF 3 AVAILABLE SO ONLY ASK FOR CURSES OF 3 AND REPUT IN REQUEST FOR ANOTHER CURSE OF 3 AGAIN ASAP! Oldboyracer new has been a great friend on this game so if you need advice ask him as he is right on with his advice... THANKS TO YOU OLDBOYRACER NEW FOR THE HELP! NANNY 138769

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Re:Disappearing and Reappearing Friends

[Post New]by Oldboyracer on Jun 7, 16 10:35 PM
Hi NANNYPJ, thanks for the vote of confidence much appreciated. When I first started playing Wanderland I made all the mistakes, spending a lot of time in the Ice Cave & Windmill trying to get up the levels within each scene. It wasn't till I ran out of sacks of grain & torches that I sat down to work out what this game was all about. Also went on killing sprees & lost all my weapons, gifted a lot of hard to get items not realizing they were required later in the game to be able to move on. I feel for those on the early stages coz it's not that easy without help. I never bothered with the forum but after 1 look decided to be of as much help as I could. It's strange that this is the only game that has got easier for me as I've gone up in the levels, normally the other way round. Frustrating it is & tests your patience but the question is 'do you want it to move fast & be over quickly' ? Some may but I'm happy for it to dawdle along & while I'm waiting for something to happen I'll play one of the other mindless games that are out there.
I help where I can but sometimes I just haven't got the items to gift, Mary Poppins has been an absolute diamond helping muchly on the last 10 levels.
Again thanks for your appreciation.


Re:Disappearing and Reappearing Friends

[Post New]by anistoni on Jun 17, 16 8:24 AM
Thanks for the information NANNYPJ I have the same thing happening my friends code is 183094 and the one that it changes to is 183558

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