Stuck on level 21

[Post New]by davidson43 on Jan 22, 10 1:21 PM
Anyone have a walk-thru for Calico-Corner? I'm having a hard time building the 3 villas with 3 stars and buidling on all the vacant lots before time runs out. I build a Modern and upgrade it to 3 stars then immediately sell it to buy the blue print for the Villas. No matter what I try I keep running out of time.
Anyone have some tips for me?

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Re:Stuck on level 21

[Post New]by Anniejo on Jan 22, 10 1:44 PM
Can´t remember, its so long since I played it, try looking in the game forums.

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Re:Stuck on level 21

[Post New]by m5dbug on Jan 25, 10 9:58 PM
sell your modern as is to get a quick 300g's or if you have too build a villa and sell it as is that will get you more money to start and the help in the game where it says you'll need a factory and recycle center. it really does help quickly and give you cheep labor.

that way you can hire more labor than you need and send them to add a star to all your villas at the same time.

also build a coffee shop. it will bring in profit while you are working.

i learned that in the higher levels it helps to hire at least 14 employees and have at least 30-50,000 in lumber. remember it takes 7 workers to upgrade a villa with 14 workers you'll be able to upgrade 2 villas at once. also that factory does keep your house from breaking.
so yeah take advantage of owning those cheep bungolows, farm, and town houses.
they bring back lower rent but it's still rent. they also upgrade quickly, and can be torn down quickly.

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