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[Post New]by Zaprec0305 on Jan 22, 10 4:39 PM
I haven't even played the game yet but had to shake my head when I read the line about 'snowy Canada' I guess all I can say is - try us in July - gets damn hot here too. Bet you don't even know that there's a good portion of the US - NORTH of Canada. sigh........................

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[Post New]by Dawnie70 on Jan 23, 10 7:23 PM
Really. That's odd. I must have mis remembered my geogrphy. I don't seem to recall any portion of the US that is north of Canada.... Considering that Canada extends almost all the way to the North Pole. Go Google places like Banks Island, Prince of Wales Island, Bathurst island, Melville Island, or even Quittinirpaaq National Park and let me know if the coordinates place them south of ANY part of Alaska..... Yes, parts of Alaska are more northern than the southern parts of Canada. however I believe Canada and Greenland are the 2 most northerly extended countries in the world. And if anyone wants to chime in about places where people live, there is permanent habitation on Banks Island, Sachs Harbour which is further north than ANY portion of Alaska.Point Barrow, which is recognized as the northenmost point in the US is 71°23?20?N, while Sachs Harbour is 71° 59? 8? N, and that's on the south side of Banks Island.

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