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Level 164, Crack it open

[Post New]by grannylover59 on May 31, 16 3:32 AM
Hi. It took me sometime to figure this one out. Lure the gorillas down to the level where the dog is. If you stand right at the bottom they will follow granny.
When I started, I blew the barrier went down to go thru the portal. When you get back to the top, jump down and blow the barrier leading down to the kittens.
before you do the above step dig a hole for the gorilla. go back thru the portal and blow the barrier do down the ladder with the kittens. dig a hole above the meow, jump down and go thru the portal.
Now to get one gorilla to the level with the dog. Watch where he comes out and then dig a hole for him to fall thru.
Go back down to the portal so you can blow the barrier to get to the other kittens.
Watch for the gorillas to come after you when the ground appears. Dig two hole for two gorillas. Now go after the kittens. If you hurry you will be able to dig holes for the gorillas go down the ladder to the meow One of the gorilla should follow you. You should have the gorilla on the far left, left. Take the bomb to the exit, stay right there and fall thru.

I was looking through some my replies to messages and I found this so I thought that I would post it here.

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