Main Menu screen

[Post New]by dpd282 on May 31, 16 5:20 AM
After every level I played in the demo, it returned to the main menu screen. Is it supposed to do that, or is it a glitch? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

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Re:Main Menu screen

[Post New]by FRHgames on May 31, 16 5:44 AM
It is not a glitch. During the test of the game it was discussed and design wasn't changed. Normally in our other games you need return to the main menu to spend money for buildings. In this game it is not necessary but it was left as in previous games just to give player a small pause between rounds and look at the house.


Re:Main Menu screen

[Post New]by dpd282 on May 31, 16 7:40 AM
Oh ok. Thanks so much for your speedy reply. Have a great day.

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