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Level 22

[Post New]by cvidals on Jun 4, 16 10:16 AM
How can I reach the fountain? I need it to be able to overcome the obstacle

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Re:Level 22

[Post New]by gremmie on Jul 23, 16 4:50 PM
If you found out by now-Please let me KNOW. All I'm getting are Fairies & Jugs. I can't go anywhere either.


Re:Level 22

[Post New]by einzwitterion on Aug 7, 16 1:37 AM
The mirage needs a super rainbow (rainbow charged on altar). You have to use the portal to get around until you can clear an alternate route to the rainbow altar.
1. Start game, capture a fairy early
2. Use the food you gathered to build the fairy's house in the upper left corner of the screen (near your wagon)
3. Keep clearing a path going down, this is mostly using the sun to dry puddles and picking up food
4. When you get to the anchor you should have enough gold from the fairy's house in step 1-2 that you can remove the anchor that is blocking the portal
5. Use the regular rainbow to charge the portal
The other portal is all the way over on the top right of the screen. The first thing you pick up when you come out of the portal is a bag of gold.

You need to catch a few more fairies so you can talk to the mother fairy. There's also a puddle, a ship, and a few small obstacles between you and the rainbow altar at that point. Use the fairy house to get gold and use the wave of the vases of resources if you need more food.

Good luck!

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