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[Post New]by deeziner on Jun 6, 16 11:32 AM
Okay,the title is "unbelievable"....but really...this is Midnight Castle. Anything is believable..haha

I'm working with great determination towards the Frog Queen...only playing the dragon at dice. So early this morning I'm throwin' those bones...2 wins AND 2 deuces...and then I throw a double six!!! Whoohoo!!! First double six since Spring Event and a guaranteed WIN! Right? How about a 3rd deuce for the session...REALLY Followed by a loss from double ones...unbelievable....

Hahaha...that's our beloved castle!!!

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[Post New]by magz13 on Jun 6, 16 2:42 PM
I have had this avatar for at least two years. She was the one avatar that I wanted and I was determined to get her. I played with single-minded determination until I finally got her. I spent so much on this. She is the only avatar I have had since I went from the original one that looks like a wig stand.

I think that I must have been a gypsy in a previous life. I think she looks like a gypsy and I like all of the bling that goes with it. The freedom and foot-loose attitude.

Good luck. I know that you will get her. I was the only player with her for a long time. Now there a quite a few players with her avatar. I guess that I just wanted her more than anybody else did.

God bless.

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[Post New]by jaximoto on Jun 6, 16 9:42 PM
"....that looks like a wig stand..."
Now that's funny commentary!!




[Post New]by walkingstar on Jun 7, 16 9:50 AM
I Love "The Frog Queen" to!..She looks like my Aunt Joanie [who was always considered very beautiful.] When someone posted she was "ugly" I wasn't happy. With some Luck I'll have her in a few months. I quit gambling for a year because my cash wasn't to great..Now at 71 I am in good shape. I too Must have her! Thanks for the post. Qatwar

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