Level 40

[Post New]by lightdancer7 on Jun 6, 16 7:51 PM
I have run through this level several times...no matter what I do I cannot get the 'heart' to unlock...when I get rid of the big magic rocks the outter prison of the heart unlocks but not the inner one and I cannot get the heart. I have followed walkthroughs step by step but it appears to be a flaw in the game to release the inner prison that surrounds the heart. Any suggestions?


Re:Level 40

[Post New]by tbushpurr on Sep 15, 16 12:31 PM
I had that problem once when I didn't go to the heart before I got rid of the rocks. I think you have to go there. And I haven't managed to finish this one either,,,have been working on it for days. I never had that particular problem again once I started going to inspect the cage around the rock.

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