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How Do I Open This Piano?

[Post New]by ChocPeng on Jun 7, 16 2:54 PM

I am at a spot where a puzzle asks, "And What Will Open The Piano?"

It gives six different pictures of a hand playing a piano chord, but it gives no instructions about what you are supposed to do, and the SG doesn't even mention it.

Do you pick a certain picture (I've picked them all), or are you to put them in a specific order, and if so, how do you know if you are getting close or if you have any of them correctly chosen? It is impossible to solve this puzzle without knowing if you are getting close or if any of your choices are correct, because when you choose a picture, they all move to different places. This puzzle is a nightmare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re:How Do I Open This Piano?

[Post New]by KattMamma on Sep 23, 16 6:41 PM
I'm sure you've found it by now, but for others... I don't remember where, but there's a piano token you need. When you find it, place it on the matching symbol on the piano.

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