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[Post New]by Yaelle on Jun 7, 16 9:05 PM
Another website has the next Heart's Medicine game. I tried it out & it is every bit as spectacular as this one, maybe more.
Only thing is, they want $20 for it. I'm like.... ehhhh well... no. So I was wondering if anybody has any sort of inside track on if & when it might come to Big Fish. I know they're not going to ask that much. Ok I dont KNOW, but I dont recall ever having seen a $20 game on here.



[Post New]by 2slick on Aug 22, 16 7:14 PM
ALL game membership sites jack the retail cost to make it appear you are saving money. I assume this is exagerated because I too have never seen them purchased or sold anywhere for that cost...they would not sell. Someone has placed the retail price at $19.99...so that at the $13.99 (or 2 credits) for membership savings on a CE (collectors edition) game...you FEEL that you are saving money.

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