Game runs really slowly on Windows 10

[Post New]by Pinkest on Jun 8, 16 5:31 PM
Okay, so, I used to have this game on a previous PC of mine (back when was using either XP, Vista or 7, although I think it was vista). This is two or three PCs later, now. I got a gaming PC about a month or two ago, and today I decided I would re-download the mentioned game and play it (I should note the PC I have the game on now has never lagged when I've played a game before). It runs extremely slowly.
I also found out that if I messed with the sound in-game or on the menu, even if I put it back to what it was originally, the volume wouldn't change. I'm not messing with the volume now (I got the volume back to normal by deleting the save data along with uninstalling the game. I then proceeded to reinstall it).
Along with all that, if I press control + escape to minimize the game, when I bring it back up, only about one fourth of the screen shows, and the rest of the space is filled up by my home screen, which has been enlarged along with the quality being reduced as if my graphics card couldn't figure out the size of my screen.
So yeah, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, along with deleting all the save data, restarting my computer, and running the game as an administrator. Does anyone have an idea of something else I could try?

Oh yeah, even though this is my first post, I'm not much of a noob or anything. I just don't really comment on other people's stuff as I've only had a problem with a Big Fish game once (besides now).

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