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Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by cesse47 on Jan 27, 10 11:47 AM
Postive Comments

I liked the storyline and overall look of the game.
The music fits the theme and I turned it on low so it wasn't obtrusive.
I liked the variety of gameplay in the demo -- find objects, some use objects,
... finding bugs, jigsaw, find differences, slider, etc
The screen with the Princess to put bugs in jars was well done.
Length of game appears to be 4-6 hours (I read everything; play slowly)
I read fast so appreciated being able to hold the cursor so story board
... pictures appeared quickly.
Many items cleverly "hidden" in plain sight.

Negative Comments

The sparkle is extremely annoying because it appears too quickly
... and too frequently
My game progress in the 1-hour demo did not save
Many very tiny objects with no way to magnify and search

Overall I did enjoy the game and have purchased. I don't mind the "cartoon" storyboard for the story ... many games use the same approach. I did appreciate being able to speed it up by holding the cursor down.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Howatch on Jan 27, 10 11:54 AM
Nicely balanced review, cesse.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by peeshee_1951 on Jan 27, 10 12:39 PM
I did like the storyline and the cartoon bit was fun. I liked the minigames and the bug collection and organizing.
I didn't like the hidden object part of trying to find things that were about invisible to me. I usually love HOG but this stuff was just found by mindlessly clicking away until I hit something or seeing a sparkle.
I would not purchase this game, not even at 2.99 price.
My review is


Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by barb1940texas on Jan 27, 10 2:06 PM
I remember this game from another site. I had problem with it then and today when I downloaded it again from BF the problems were still there. It downloads fast, but I can't seem to control my mouse. Also I have a real problem with the **** items. Too, too small and even the sparkle wasn't enough. Too fast for my old eyes. I did like the bugs, but that is about all. I have been disappointed with all of the last games this month. Couldn't make The sultan's Labyrinth work at all. BF replied it was the fauth of my computer. That's strange since I managed to buy six games this month and had no problems with any of them. I have a reasonable new computer and a fast one with lots of memory, I should be able to play a little **** game. I too may have to move on if things don't change, too bad since I really love the BF site and the online games. I will be very disappointed if that is the case. I left another site to join this one.


Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Cuddlefish on Jan 27, 10 2:19 PM
I like this game. I too have old eyes but do not have trouble with most of these objects. If someone could take away the annoying sparkle that tells you the answers I would absolutely buy it. It has length, it has puzzles, it beat me on a slider puzzle - first time in a very long time. It has riddles. Love it. BUT do not like the sparkle that takes the fun out of solving things.



Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by rosie28sammy on Jan 27, 10 3:18 PM
Unfortunately I did not care for this game. The storyline wasn't bad, but the dialogue sections were irritating because you can't skip them until they fully load on the page and that took a while on my computer. The game didn't really run slow, but the dialogue took longer to load than with most games.

A lot of the **** items could be found easily because they looked out of place in the pictures. So much so that you didn't even need to look at the list of items to find until it came to the difficult items. The graphics were a little dark so some items were difficult to find. The mini-games were easy and there is an option to skip. The hints seemed to take a long time to reload so I was happy with the sparkles, although I tended to just ignore them mostly when not needed. The bug collection was a little weird at first, but I found myself being obsessed with completing it, although not enough to purchase this game after the trial was over.

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Sparkles ruined the game

[Post New]by mycatluna on Jan 27, 10 3:38 PM
I found this game enjoyable and would have bought it except for the annoying sparkles that kept giving items away. If I want a hint for help, I would click on the hint button! Because there is no way to disable the sparkles; thereby making the game much too easy, it ruined the game for me. And according to comments by others, many feel the same way. At the very least, the developers could have had a "hard" setting that allowed the players to play the game without the assistance of the sparkles revealing the objects in every level. Too bad...interesting game otherwise and one that I would have bought. If the developers send out an update fixing this issue, I will consider buying it. Otherwise, in my opinion, if you are an experienced HOG player, pass this one up. May be a good option for beginners though,


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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by SublimeOne on Jan 27, 10 3:47 PM
Like many of you, I found the sparkles very annoying. I tried unchecking "Visual Effects" in the Options menu thinking it might get rid of them but it didn't.

Someone clearly spent some time on the graphics and I was impressed with the details. But I didn't like looking for objects I couldn't see. When I was supposed to be finding fragments of the gems, I couldn't actually see them. The little pics on the bottom are supposed to guide you, I guess, but mostly I just randomly clicked around the screen until I found them all.

I did a lot of random clicking, actually, which takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the game for me. There was no penalty for random clicks so I could just bang away at the mouse until I got everything.

I only played 30 minutes so far and I probably won't go back for the rest of the demo. It's too bad, really, because this could have been a wonderful game. Small changes would have been enough - no sparkle and objects you can actually see and this game would be a winner for me.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by lentenrose on Jan 27, 10 5:33 PM
I liked the game. Finding the matching spot in the picture to make the gem appear was a different take on the search theme. Finding bugs and their homes was also a twist.
The twinkle is helpful but it does show up quickly.

It loaded easily and ran well on my pc. I finished the first island and now have to go do some homework - more for later.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Poodlebear on Jan 27, 10 5:44 PM


This is one of those games that makes me sad because I sense a great potential for something really special that just didn't quite make it in execution. There are some new ideas (well, kinda new) here - finding the areas indicated by the pictures, putting items back in the scene, finding the "odd man out" items - that add a fresh take on HOG and the artwork is WONDERFUL, great music, interesting story, additional collection challenge (the insects) buuuut somehow it just is lacking in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

YES - the biggest failure is for sure the hint sparklies. I have an unlimited, refillable hint system in place so *why* the sparklies? AND they happen so incredibly quickly and frequently I found myself racing to find stuff before they showed me where to look! Particularly with the "odd man out" items where there was some doubt as to which item was correct so it was fun trying to find it to confirm I was correct but then *bling*. Argh! Sadly this was not the only issue. The items to find were often too easy to identify by brighter color and darker out line without even knowing what it was from a list. There also needed to be something more. Mini-games or puzzles beyond the repeated steps of each area. Add to that a picky cursor and...

Had the artwork not been so pleasing I probably would be much quicker to dismiss this game, but it's just so gorgeous to look at. As it is I've demoed twice now and it is still sitting in my maybe pile - I just can't trash it yet. I just hope the developer takes the good stuff of this game and mixes it with good ideas for improvement and comes up with something equal to the potential 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad sadly didn't realize.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by genkicoll on Jan 27, 10 6:10 PM
1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad

I was so very disappointed with this game. The storyline is acceptable, the graphics nothing impressive, but still nice, and the bugs are a nice touch (if a little strange).

The way they want you to find things in most of the scenes is probably supposed to be a new take on finding objects, but it falls flat, at least for me. Not an item outline, not a description or name of an item to find, but a piece of the picture to look for on the scene.

My biggest problem with the game is the sparkles. Why in the world use hints when the sparkles give away the position of the items before you even get a chance to really take in the scene?? I found it incredibly annoying! I at least wanted to TRY to find things, that's the whole point of hidden object games!

The game was repetitive and got boring fast - I didn't even finish the full hour of the demo. At this point, I'm so disenchanted with it that you'd have to pay me to finish the game. A definitive thumbs down from me.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by MissMoraduke on Jan 27, 10 6:12 PM
I like the game and didnt mind the sparkles. They are small and I just kinda ignored them, looking somewhere else on the screen. The graphics are really nice, the mini games are pretty good, not to hard, had to pass on the one remembering the colored lights on the bird. I am not done, but I think its a pretty good game. Two

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Janie42 on Jan 27, 10 6:27 PM
Thanks for the good reviews from everybody!
I agree perfectly with mycatluna (6 posts above).
A lovely game wrecked by the unstoppable sparkles.
Again I question that the beta testers did not strongly voice this complaint?
If sparkles are taken away (another BFG "patch" ), then easily I would purchase it; otherwise, as mycatluna suggests: experienced hog players should pass on this game.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by KitKat5169 on Jan 27, 10 8:10 PM
I'm in basic agreement with everyone, except that I think it is a much better game than most posts portray it. However, everyone is right about the screen sparkling where items can be found without asking for a hint. By the time I had read what I needed to find, the sparkles had already started and continued quickly from there. Also I think they should have just left the hint button, only let it refill more quickly. I can understand why this was a deal breaker for almost everyone. The up up side was the great variety of things to do. I think this would have been a fabulous game without the sparkles.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Mojave_Rain on Jan 27, 10 8:57 PM
Have to add my general agreement here; the sparkles are pretty much a deal breaker for me even though I liked the game otherwise. I just got too nervous trying to beat them lol.

Generally though, it was pretty which is of prime importance to me and I loved the music and found the story pretty nice. Btw the bit of the music that I heard on the clip (guess I haven't gone far enough in the demo to hear it in the game itself) was the same as that in another game I played lately. I think it was a Match 3, anyone else notice it?

Anyway kill them dratted sparkles and you have a nice one here!


Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by bethyt on Jan 27, 10 9:45 PM
i too tried 1001 nights:the adventures of sinbad. it became impossible to play as early in game was constant flickering and jerking. have a new computer and doesnt do it on other games.beth

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by patnsky on Jan 27, 10 10:25 PM
I was going to hold off until next month to buy this game, but got caught up in the demo ... what can I say ... I was having to much fun. Frankly the sparkles did not bother me at all, Infact there were times I was greatful for them. These Old eyes do not see those tiny little objects as well as I would like them to see.

I like a variety of games. HOG's, TM's, Adventure. This game is a breath of fresh air in that it has good graphics, and a cute story line. I also like that there is no penality for over clicking.

As for it being a childish game... isn't part of why we play games? We just refuse to grow up all they way?


Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by Hamish_MacEwan on Jan 27, 10 11:36 PM
Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of discontent about the intrusive "sparkles" that completely eliminated any satisfaction a Hidden Object hunter might otherwise obtain.

Of the short amount of the game I could stand with its exhortations to use the amulet.

An attractive game with significant potential compromised by the designer's insistence on making it easy.

Lacks challenge. Didn't buy it. Needed a graduated help option. Would have played it if the "Visual Effects" switch had turned the sparkles off.


Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by tiayob on Jan 29, 10 5:26 AM
I agree with what almost everyone is saying about the bugs being a good idea and the sparkles a bad one.

However, I have one additional problem. When it came time to put the gems on the pedestals, I could get 2 of them placed, but the other 2 will not stay put no matter what I did. I cannot see buying this game even for the $2.99 price.

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Re:Game Review & Comments

[Post New]by wrath6 on Jan 29, 10 2:07 PM
i didnt care for this game, it might be because its a HOG - with little interaction and the story is not very engaging. before you could click on an item - it would sparkle to let u know where it was, also some items were hard to locate, didnt care for placing bugs in jars - no mini puzzle that i noticed before i deleted game.

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