Please help me!!!

[Post New]by prettywoman2007 on Jan 27, 10 10:58 PM
I love this game. But I'm stuck in a level that it impossible to beat. It call mumbai divided.Under the Quest level. There is no way to beat this level. I try my son and husband had also try to beat it but had no success. Are we missing something?? I heard about a patch for the divided level I don't have no idea what's that. If anyone could help me solve this level I would appreciate it. It seems that I can't move on until I solve this level...Thanks

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Re:Please help me!!!

[Post New]by darije on Jan 28, 10 3:30 AM

I will try to help.

You need dodownlaod a ptach for game form following link:


Save ZIP archive into Ziro installation folder on your HDD and unzip archive. Just launch ZiroPatch_v1.1.exe to apply patch. More info about patch you can find in READ_ME.txt file.

This patch solves the problem of level DEVIDED. It can not be passed without this patch, because there is missing element in that puzzle.

With this patch you get that element and, and you can then solve that level.

If you need anything else, just tell me. I will try to help.


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Re:Please help me!!!

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on May 28, 14 1:59 AM

where do I get this patch these days?
The link above is broken (site content changed, it's a parked domain yet).

Maybe the publisher 'kokakiki' will give me a new link...
...or darije is still online and may help me...

But... answer from (email, webform, facebook) answer from darije (via pm here; moderator of, a former publisher site
......and game designer of ziro) answer from user prettywoman2007 (pm & outside) answer from all other users of the forum (via pm) least the developer eipix has given a friendly life sign
...... by its CEO, but cannot help with the update

I'm really lost!! The version you get in time of this writing from is definitely 1.0 and you really miss the 'ice cube' in the level 'divided' (in the lower right corner) you need to solve this level and to continue the game!!

Please help!!

For everyone left with the old version 1.0 yet:
I've hacked the save game with a hex-editor to unlock all ~ 310 levels for practice game mode. So you may "skip" the broken divide level and enjoy the remaining ~ 309 levels (that's more than 99% of the game).

Here's my latest workarround:

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