can someone explain today's update

[Post New]by sthrightwhale on Jun 10, 16 8:51 PM
Hi everyone,
I received the 2nd of June update with everyone else, where our gift tree was rudely removed! But I noticed today another update, nothing seems to have changed and wanted to asked if anyone else got one?

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Re:can someone explain today's update

[Post New]by mpendo on Jun 11, 16 6:48 AM
I was forced to update (June2) yesterday morning. I was quite happy back in Troll's Castle, stockpiling my hammers, wands and fireworks. When I noticed the June 10 update I upgraded again (faint hope that they would give me back the fireflies' apartment building - now they are homeless).

I assume the update was to fix glitches we didn't know were there.


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Re:can someone explain today's update

[Post New]by Theorem on Jun 11, 16 9:48 AM
Yeah, it looks like the fireflies counter got fixed. But the clock glitches are still there.

Taking away the flats was deliberate so I guess the hopes are little on that issue.

If I had to ask for things to be back, it would be the flats (and their daily rewards!) and the music/sounds. Definitely liked it better before!

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