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Level 22

[Post New]by 1genie on Jun 12, 16 8:07 AM
I keep bouncing between 2 completed room, unable to work out how to move to next room. Can anyone help????

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Re:Level 22

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jun 12, 16 10:07 AM
Welcome to the pond!

I don't remember if this is where you start getting the boiler room puzzle scene that takes a couple of levels to complete. My guess is that you're missing a puzzle or HOS on the left side of the screen where you'll get the keys to go to the next room. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but there's no way to pull up levels on demand and everyone's levels may not be the same depending on how much you do in each screen...would have to replay the game to tell you more.

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