Can't move on...

[Post New]by dlfish on Jan 30, 10 12:11 PM
I'm stuck at the three doors. I can't move to the left because I'm missing the fourth marble. Can't move right because I don't have all the typewriter keys. I need a fuse, a marble, a coin, and a key. Help!

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Re:Can't move on...

[Post New]by MaggieMaeeye on Jan 30, 10 12:14 PM
Hi dlfish and welcome to the pond!

I had that exact same problem, and I ended up going over to Gamezebo..They have some great screen shots of where everything you need is located (I'm old and can't remember LOL)

Just go to their site, click on Tips and Tricks, scroll down and hit the "M" button for Mystery case Files, then hit control + F on your keyboard and type in the object you want to find....It will automatically highlight everywhere that object can be found!

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Re:Can't move on...

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Jan 30, 10 1:25 PM
For the fourth marble you will need a wrench, rust remover, horn and an elevator ride.

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