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How do you get the blobs to drop

[Post New]by Larissa_Jane on Jun 15, 16 12:41 AM
Such rave revues BUT I could not find any instructions within the game as to how to proceed.
How do you get the blobs to drop??????
I must be missing something.

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Re:How do you get the blobs to drop

[Post New]by burf90 on Jun 18, 16 10:43 AM
I don't know if this is what you mean, but...

1) You're trying top get each drop in the bucket of the same color. Getting them in the buckets just means moving them onto that square. They don't actually "drop" in. The game would be much easier if they did! - see #2.

2) Once you get a drop in the correct color bucket, it will pop back out if you move another drop. So, your goal is to line up all the drops so that one final move will put all the drops in the correct buckets, or at least have them lined up so that additional moves won't cause any to leave their buckets, while you move the rest.

3) All drops move together, so if you move one up, they all move up.

4) Barriers (walls or the board edges) will stop a drop from moving in past the barrier, but you can still move other drops in that direction. You can use barriers to your advantage by using them to move drops closer together or further apart.

5) The black blobs eat your drops, so if you move a drop onto one of those, you lose the level immediately.

6) To get three gold stars for each level you have to have at least 6 moves left when you finish.

The hardest part is step 2. In most games like this, once you get an object in its final home location, it becomes inactive and you just move the remaining objects to get them home, too. But in this one, the drop jumps back out when you move any of the others. That makes it a real challenge.

As others have said this is both a ridiculously cute and ridiculously hard game. I'm only on 1-18 and stuck already on how to get three stars.

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