Mongolia and Ginger...?

[Post New]by spirecreations on Feb 2, 10 3:43 PM
Hello everyone, so, I appear to be at a stand-still in this game. I think it is probablly something obvious that I have, I currently have two tasks that I need to complete...

1. Purchase a new caravan in Mongolia
2. Purchase 5 crates of ginger

I don't seem to have gained acess to Mongolia yet as I can not find it on the Silk route....also, I have not been offered the opportunity to purchase ginger...I did find 5 crates of ginger in a random treasure chest on the Silk route...but that hasn't given me the opportunity to finish that task. The only time I have seen ginger in the market is when I am given the opportunity to sell it, which I don't want to do as I need it to complete the task.... I figure that maybe since I got it for free that I will not be allowed to complete the task until I purchase some...but....I can't do so.... Also, I have built up my caravan in different cities and can't seem to find any new tasks to complete to open up new routes....does anyone have any ideas?? Much appreciated! I just purchased this game today and really want to keep playing it!!

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Re:Mongolia and Ginger...?

[Post New]by MaggieMaeeye on Feb 2, 10 4:01 PM
Hi spirecreations and welcome to the pond!

Gamezebo has an excellent walkthrough for this and the other Tradewind games! Just go to Gamezebo click on tips and tricks scroll down to the bottom hit the "T", scroll down to tradewinds caravan, click on that , then hit ctrl + F type in what you're looking for and it will highlight every instance of that term in the walk through..........I have also PM'd you the link just in case!

Anyway, again welcome to the pond and I hope to see you here again soon!


Re:Mongolia and Ginger...?

[Post New]by spirecreations on Feb 5, 10 8:38 AM
Thanks MaggieMaeeye!! The walk through you sent me was quite interesting...i didn't have the patience to read through all of it yet though... I found the price ranges for products interesting too. I ended up just playing around a little bit more and eventually found that I needed to build my caravan to 10 to meet the requirement, which (I believe) then opened up the rest of the cities and I was able to buy ginger in those cities...Thanks much!! I do wish that the eastern cities wouldn't have all opened at once...would have made the game last longer... anyway, still a great game! Thanks again! Happy gaming!

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