I am surprised and amazed

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Jun 19, 16 7:13 PM
I am not a puzzle person and usually do not play anything except for crosswords or find a word puzzles just to pass the time. I demoed this game and then instantly bought it on sale. I am not very good at puzzle games except for the simple ones but I found these games interesting challenging and definitely doable. I agree that the instructions are not that detailed and I did go on line to find clearer instructions and pictures of completed puzzles in some of the categories so I could master the ones presented in this game. Once you understand the premise of each game it is easier to do them. I have a few favourites of course and some take me quite some time to accomplish but I have to say I am really enjoying this game. The bonus games are fun as well and I like to play the game to win hint tokens as it is really appreciated because I have used hints in the more difficult puzzles. I don't understand some of the reviews and comments because this game requires a lot of thinking planning and defining the outcome so you can complete the puzzles but that is the point of puzzles. If they were all easy I would not be enjoying them as much. Please at least demo this game and give it a chance. In spite of the terrible reviews it really is a great game.

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