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[Post New]by dunnersrocks on Jun 23, 16 2:21 AM
I'm trying to open metal box in the flat but can't get it to stop rotating. It did once but now can't get it to stop! HELP Using brand new Toshiba laptop.

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Re:windows 10

[Post New]by DANCE895 on Jul 24, 16 5:20 AM
This is an old game and not too many people look at the forum. I am on windows 8.1 but it is in the way you use your mouse. I got t to rotate my looking at the mouse symbol and tapping the corner of the box lid like I am trying to turn a real box and it worked. You have have to turn the box one to see the bulb and I had to turn it another way to see the bolt. Big Fish have a walk through but it is not very good. I am here because I am stuck in the lab waiting for someone to read my post. Good luck. Keep playing with the mouse until you get the feel of it.

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