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I think BFG admin should take a page from other games they had

[Post New]by madrabbit on Jun 23, 16 5:31 AM
Bfgs has copyrights to a lot of games one of those games I use to play a lot till they ended it without a true ending was Awakening Kingdom in that game they had an auction house where you could type in what you absolutely needed and find maltiple sales for that item. I just did not agree with the fact that sooooo many took advantage of it by buying up items from people who were selling low, and then reselling at high amounts making the auction house unusuable to many.
If they used a system like that in this game and kept the pricing Fixed it would be wonderful . We could search for items find friends and buy only what we really need at that time in game. Our market base would be broadened and maybe there would be less complaints about not getting enough of one item or another as many of the players either get too much of an item while others get too much of what that player doesn't.

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Re:I think BFG admin should take a page from other games they had

[Post New]by Vichrice on Jun 23, 16 9:20 AM
That's a pretty big change. Such things need to be thought out thoroughly.

It would be enough if the issue with Facebook friends was FINALLY fixed. If you have 30 or 50 friends, there's a good chance one of them has what you need.
Or the number of people you can follow, should be increased, as in doubled or so.

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