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[Post New]by Vichrice on Jun 26, 16 1:04 AM
I think it would be nice to have the notifications also when I'm playing, not just when I'm not. Such as "Your goods have arrived", "New quest available", "Your fruits are ripe" etc.
Also the notifications at the bottom of the screen stay there f—o—r—e—v—e—r so after a few minutes of playing, I'm getting messages that are hopelessly outdated. It would be nice if they stayed for a shorter time and/or there was a way to dismiss the notification to see the next one.

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[Post New]by Alisonbeever on Jun 27, 16 2:42 PM
Absolutely. I go to islands as soon as notifications appear, only to find items frequently already sold, and assistance already given. I enjoy island hopping, but it would be good if notices were more on the ball. Have come back from an island with a trade, only for it to appear as 'just posted' after I return...

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