Won't allow saving in middle of level

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Jun 29, 16 3:03 PM
First off, I'll say that I like this kind of game. I was enjoying it very much for a little more than half of it. But, the down side of it is that I am not allowed to save my progress in the middle of any of the levels.

This wouldn't seem so frustrating except for the fact that the levels are quite lengthy and sometimes confusing. I just spent 90 minutes or so on one of the levels and needed a break from it for I was unable to figure out how to proceed. I continued searching for the required things a while longer, knowing I'd have to start the level all over again if I didn't finish it. Unfortunately, I just seemed to be going around in circles... sooooooo, I finally gave up and exited.

I'm not sure I'll get my money's worth for the rest of the game. For I know if I open it later, I'll be back at the start of the lengthy level I wasn't able to complete... and I still don't know how to accomplish the requirements to finish it. If I could simply pick up where I left off and attempt to find some way to move on, it wouldn't seem so pointless.

I wish developers of hidden object/adventure games would always set up their games in a way that allows the players to exit whenever they want/need to and pick up the game from that point when they re-enter.

For those who are able to finish every level of this game without getting stuck, happy gaming!


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