Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by JanSmith1939 on Feb 9, 10 2:03 AM
I have played this game online enough to know that I would love to be able to play the full-screen version that I bought last August. Since that time I have deleted firewalls and anti-virus programs and kept my computer drivers and Windows XP software fully updated and replaced Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox. All of these things have been done in an effort to find the combination that would let me play the full version, to no avail.

At this moment, I have no firewall nor do I have any anti-virus program installed or running. Call of Atlantis still will not run. It installs just fine but when I try to run it I get the 'access violation at 0x004CCA2E' error message. I have traced every suggestion I have read on this forum with no change in result.

One may judge that I possess a determined outlook...based on the fact that I bought this game last August and here it is in February...and one would be correct. Even I, though, have my limitations. Six months trying to get a program to run is more than long enough.

How do I get a refund of my credits for the cost of this game?

Peace and harmony to all,
Jan Smith

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Re:Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by Allan40alt on Feb 25, 10 6:59 AM
Try removing your current anti-virus and installing the free programme from Microsoft.

It's easy to download and install. If you have Microsoft Defender then you can remove it as Microsoft Security Essentials will disable it automatically.

See review here:

I was using AVG Free but switched to Microsoft Security Essentials. Game works fine.

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Re:Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by LuckyLin1 on Mar 24, 10 2:05 AM
Jan: I hope u check back here--sorry to hear of your problems. I put "Windows XP Computer Violation Access Error (plus the # you gave)" into Google search. One of the results was for Microsoft support--I clicked on it and there was an explanation that may help you. First, however, I'd suggest if u r a Big Fish member, contact their support--there is a link for it on the BigFishGames website--they have been very nice to work with. Also, I'm assuming you now have your Anti-virus and firewall on? I hope so. I know some people tell u to turn it off when trying to load games, but I never do that--it's just so easy to get viruses or Trojans from some sites/games that I never take the chance. I run the Kaspersky internet suite on my laptop and desktop 24/7--Kaspersky continuously updates by the minute--I'm not saying it's perfect, but it has thus far (fingers crossed) been superior to any I've tried before and I have had some of the big ones like N and McA. I hope you are able to get help--I know how frustrating it can be. One thing I noticed while I was on Microsoft's site--they are beginning to phase out support info. and help for XP. Argh! Hope you get to play Call of Atlantis--I also am playing Rise of Atlantis and both are fun. Best to you. Lin


Re:Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by moonwalker97478 on Aug 23, 10 12:50 PM
jan why don't you contact someone in help they have helped me many times in other games


Re:Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by dapperdash on Sep 5, 10 10:26 PM

I know how you feel, I have brought a laptop and would like the games I have brought put onto it.

I'm running windows 7 and have tried downloading this one twice and just starts redownloading the same with Jewel quest Heritage, some games download no problems then you have others that just will not, have wasted so much of my usage I'm getting to the stage I am starting to look for the games on disc saves a lot of frustration but also annoyed that I've purchased these and now cannot use them.

I do not get error messages, it just starts downloading again.



Re:Call of Atlantis...finally giving up!

[Post New]by andrea1704 on Nov 19, 10 6:05 PM
help me! i have no idea what to do here. i'm on greece level 9 and i have to restore the arms room but i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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