[Post New]by twyckoff1 on Oct 5, 08 11:01 AM
I have completed the game with an expert or master at each level. The make my game complete I want the trophies for all. I have replayed the levels several times and I can't get the trophy's for Rocket, Disco and Banana for 3 in a row. I have done these, but I never get the trophy. Do you have to get the trophy the first time you play with an object. Please help.

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[Post New]by momgault on Oct 5, 08 11:09 AM
I do not have an answer to your trophy question. Hopefully someone will have some advice.

I just wanted to saw you are AWESOME for getting expert on all the levels!!!!

I love this game and really am trying to achieve that goal.

Way to go!

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