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Can't end the main game

[Post New]by sgrwlf27 on Jul 1, 16 1:38 PM
Back when this had all the glitches, I finally gave up. Got a new laptop Win10 and hoped it had been fixed. Well I think it has but I am at the last scene at the end of the game where you use the compass 3 times (by selecting symbols and placing them from memory) and I did that 3x. Dad fell down. The WT says that's the end. Well it's not in my game. Using hint targets compass and core of the beacon but no matter how many times or where I try to use it (including exactly where the hint button uses a circle to show me) compass bounces back into its slot on lower left screen. Cannot play bonus game if I don't finish main game. Any help on what I'm doing wrong? No one else ever mentioned this issue back last year, havent found anything in the forum to address it and several people got to play the bonus game so I'm assuming they never had this happen.

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