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Fabulous combos

[Post New]by pineo on Jul 2, 16 12:41 PM
My count for Fabulous is not increasing with replaying levels. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the 25 fabulous combos?


Re:Fabulous combos

[Post New]by PSSanDiego on Jul 21, 16 10:59 AM
Yes -- You need to ring up 6 happy people at the same time. You must use the blonde magician guy to do this. Get everybody lined up with their money in the bubbles above their heads. Wait until the last minute -- when they start to get mad because you haven't rung them up -- then activate the magician. Once he is done performing, they will all become happy again. Ring them up immediately and you will get a Fabulicious combo. (It's one step beyond Fabulous, and you need it to get the Fabulicious achievement.) Hope this helps!

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