not letting me click on things

[Post New]by Kamm906 on Jul 3, 16 3:34 AM
I just bought this game.. opens the first level and then wont let me click on the objects to clear them.. reinstalled.. the same.... pc running win10.. any suggestions ?

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Re:not letting me click on things

[Post New]by lacard on Jul 3, 16 7:16 AM
If the guy is talking at you in the lower left corner, that's why. The game makes you wait for the chatter then click where the arrow is pointing. It's a yellow arrow and not easy to see. If not, it might be a technical issue. You can send a report to Dr. Felix. Unless someone else has a good idea.

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Re:not letting me click on things

[Post New]by Marcie28018 on Jul 7, 16 11:56 AM
The same thing happened to me I have windows 7 all I could do was fish and make a garden. It was like nothing else was there. All of this was after the man finished talking that had nothing to do with it....

I just tried it again and the reason I found was .... there is a path beside the pond on the left you have to click it first before it lets you click anything on the game board. I just didnt have good instructions from the little man. He comes back after you click that path and tells you to get the rocks etc... So I will try it again.

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