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What happened to all the Mystery PI games??

[Post New]by lvd04 on Jul 3, 16 11:21 AM
Where have all the mystery P.I. games gone?? I bought 5 of them but they are not in my purchase history, not listed on BigFish, not on my game manager. What happened?

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Re:What happened to all the Mystery PI games??

[Post New]by Judi_chan on Jul 7, 16 7:52 AM
Good question...I have 5 that I bought and I can't find them on Big Fish. They're still in my game manager, though. There are three that I don't have and I want to buy them; but, they're not there! Guess I'll have to go to a competitor to get them...sorry Felix...
I suspect it has to do with Windows 10; saw a post here that indicated that some of the games don't load on W10...if you hear anything, lvd04, please, please, post here or send me a message?

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