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[Post New]by eddio1942 on Jul 3, 16 3:59 PM
I am stuck on level 9 (HA_HA_HA...laugh all u want BUT , first I'm a newbie at TOM 5. Second, I'm 74+ yrs. old, and my reflexes have slowed down a little I started out with TOM 3 (liked it, and beat it [took me a while though]) then I tried TOM 4 (haven't beat it yet, but I'll keep trying). Now I got TOM 5, I'm collecting flasks but sometimes they're not getting counted towards the 25 I need to get to the next level. Can somebody tell me why?
I have made several posts in the past, and nobody ever helps me. I get 100's of views but nobody helps, why, I'm a nice guy.

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