Bonus Level 12

[Post New]by gidget44 on Jul 3, 16 8:49 PM
Is anyone else having a problem with this level. I cannot finish this level due to still having 1 building to repair. Can anyone help please.


Re:Bonus Level 12

[Post New]by Lassalanta on Jul 4, 16 12:52 AM
Same here. I tired all of the following and nothing cleared the last, "Building Needs Repair":

Maxing out all of the buildings
Having over a thousand resources of each
Destroying all of the buildings an rebuilding

Every chest is open, the god is appeased, all merchants are up and running, all obstacles cleared, I have at least one one of every resource building, and all other goals are met. It still won't clear the last "repair".

Win 7 64 bit system.


I replayed the level and won it this time. At least for me, it's the timing of appeasing the Lava God that was causing the issue.

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Re:Bonus Level 12

[Post New]by Mum65 on Jul 5, 16 6:31 AM
It may sound like a silly suggestion, but have you checked to see that the lava god has not broken any of your buildings since you fixed it? and you also need to fix all 3 markets

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Re:Bonus Level 12

[Post New]by bowlmn on Jul 16, 16 10:14 PM
Make sure you are down to one building to repair before appeasing the God. If you appease it too early, he won't destroy enough building to complete the level.

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