Bonus Game Midnight Callng: Jeronimo CE

[Post New]by Elaina_Val on Jul 4, 16 11:20 AM
I am stuck with the cave GROTTO alcove thing outside the witch's house by the water. The map says to go there. The hint button tells me I have something to do in this location but when I go to the grotto or cave nothing in my inventory works and it indicates to close it. Yet this area sparkles. I have a bat token a brush, scissors, a net, stone and four vials. I have already gotten the oil with the bird and there is nothing left in this area that I CAN See to do. Please help because I was enjoying this game until this point. The goat figure on the left has an open circle in front of him and the bird on the right has an open circle on him and I already did the mini game with the picture of the wolf running. Thank you for taking the time to reply in advance.

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