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Level 5, Level 12, Level 13

[Post New]by AlienMommy on Jul 4, 16 1:38 PM
I've played these several times, have even written the notes given in the Guide, gone step by step. It's biting my buns.

Anyone have any other tips to get through to Gold?

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Re:Level 5, Level 12, Level 13

[Post New]by Janimal1 on Jul 8, 16 4:11 PM
Here is what I did on level 5. First I built one field and cleared up to top while also working down. When I was able to, I built second field and continued to work up and over and down, opening up as many chests as possible. I then built a quarry. Did not upgrade anything. As soon as I got enough food and gems from opening top chest, I got the "jewel" and traded it to the top guy. I then built a sawmill. Continued working my way over and up clearing and opening as many chests as I could. As soon as I got enough food and gems I gave to second guy and opened up the bottom part. As soon as you get 80 wood, give it to the anvil dude and he will make bombs for you. Use bombs to open up chests and clear as fast as you can remainder and I just built two fields. I had plenty of time left.

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