Level 34 - Lewistown, NY *spoiler*

[Post New]by fairhavenfish01 on Feb 12, 10 4:57 PM
Wooooo - hooooo!

I FINALLY figured how to get expert on this level....

Yes, you have to bulldose parks and streets, and rebuild streets.

Then you have to put up an apartment house (in the starred area) and a car dealership, in the top open area, asap. Hit the lightning bolt whenever you can. Build a few "cheap" decorations under the apt. house, and update once. Build a workshop next to the car dealership. Build a store in the empty area above the manion that must be demolished. I also bought more wagons when anything was "waiting" to be built.

Start building apartment houses whenever you can, and a workshop next to HQ. Don't put any to 3 stars until they all have 2. Update when there is a lightning bolt. You will need to buy the mansion closest to HQ to build 2 apt. buildings, but by having a store that gets traffic, you will have more money to spend on it, and can buy it as late as day 10. The last thing to do is demolish the store and put up the last apt. house. Then continue to update apt. buildings, watching the pop. #, so that you can stop when you are housing enough people.

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Re:Level 34 - Lewistown, NY *spoiler*

[Post New]by Poem123 on Jul 13, 11 9:53 AM
Hope I'm not unnecessarily bumping an old thread but I was curious to see how other people solved this level, I tried various approaches before I found one that worked for me.

Finished expert 1 day early with around a million in spare cash. Didn't purchase any buildings or build anything other than apartments and shops. Shops are not really necessary since you don't need the income after the first few days.


- Use all available free space to place apartments and shops.
- Build 3 star apartments and sell at market-value for fast sales.
- Use the funds to build/upgrade the rest.
- I used 8 workers so I could build/upgrade faster.

My map:

(building) (building) APT APT
SHOP APT APT APT SHOP (building) (building) APT
HQ (building) APT (building)

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Re:Level 34 - Lewistown, NY *spoiler*

[Post New]by SeaTurtle7 on Dec 12, 12 5:57 PM
Duh, you don't have to own the building to get the number of people credit! Thanks for the hint, finally got expert time!

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