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Re:Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold-What do you think about the game?

[Post New]by shagwendy on Jan 15, 12 9:55 AM
krissywillow wrote:Don't know when I bought this or for how much; it's been on my computer for ages, partially played. Played some more tonight.. UGH. I hope I didn't pay much! As others have said, tiny objects impossible to find, can't even find the "wheel" area either. Talk about headache or eyestrain inducing! It's too bad because I do like the game and the graphics but it's just too hard to play.

In addition, I was on the fisherman section (I have no idea where in the game I was, since I hadn't played in so long; was I near the end? half way? I do'nt know), but anyway, there started being too much movement, i.e., raft going down a river that you had to find hidden objects on while it moved, waves, fishing, etc and I said I QUIT because that sort of movement makes me . So, coupled with all that eyestrain and more work than fun, I give up.

Uninstalling this one and don't want to look at it ever again!

Same here, had it for ages, never played. FROGs are my favorite, and I generally like the circle based games but this one is too hard. Like the others, I can't even find a circle to start putting things in, and then, I can't figure out what I'm looking for, even with a picture. When I do find it (with a hint), it looks nothing like what I've been looking for and there seems to be no need for whatever the circle was. This game was from 2008, the first in the series, and the series does get better. I don't like that there is only 1 ring active at a time. I'm where you are, just starting on the river, I haven't started to look, yet, I was so happy that there was so much less clutter in this scene, but I guess my happy feeling will go away as soon as I start playing this scene.

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