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Re:Should be charged 1/2 price for 1/2 of a game!

[Post New]by DebMcG7 on Feb 23, 11 5:03 AM
I enjoyed this game and would have happily paid for a full collectors edition if it had been out. I hope that more companies will decide to put this type of quality into their games. I plan on gifting this one to my sister for her birthday. It may get her addicted to BF like me.

Having said that, I wish there had been some warning that the game stops in the middle. I just feel it would have been fair to the customers to know what they were buying up front.

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Re:Should be charged 1/2 price for 1/2 of a game!

[Post New]by ADTech on Feb 23, 11 5:59 AM
I have no complaints as quality is more important to me than quantity.


Re:Should be charged 1/2 price for 1/2 of a game!

[Post New]by xandersmomk on Feb 23, 11 8:25 AM
Linde36 wrote:I would have preferred to pay "Collector's Edition" price for the full game.
In 4 yrs of being a customer, I've never played a game that simply STOPS halfway through after 4 of 8 episodes WITHOUT ANY WARNING!

BF didn't design the game but they could at least have WARNED us in the title or somewhere in the notes...instead of having us clicking all over the site trying to figure out how to start episode 5...only to run to the forums and discover that there is no episode 5!!

Who knows how long it will take for Part II to come out. As much as I enjoyed this stellar game, I will NOT support this marketing gimmick by purchasing another 1/2 game at full price.

I totally agree. If you are not being underhanded Big Fish then let us know which chapters we are buying. I want a refund or a free 2nd half!!!

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Re:Should be charged 1/2 price for 1/2 of a game!

[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Feb 26, 11 5:11 AM
gailweis wrote:If anyone of you who are complaining about the game ending abruptly had bothered reading the Comments and Reviews Forum before buying the game (I always do), you would have seen CasualGran's comment on Feb. 12: "EDIT after finishing the game: It has a sequel! So, you'll only be playing the first 4 episodes!"

It really pays to read the posts!


This really, really, *really* bugs me. People should *not* have to read the forums before purchasing a game.

1) I'd bet money that the vast majority of BigFish customers do *not* regularly read the forums.
2) Most of us can tell for ourselves whether or not we'll like a game if we choose to demo it.
3) Coming to the forums always--no matter how polite 99 percent of posters are and how hard BF polices the forums--it *always* risks seeing spoilers. Always.
4) Reading the posts should absolutely NEVER be a requirement for navigating unethical marketing--and I think the majority of players here feel that they were misled into buying a Part One game with improper labeling.

Two words could've fixed all of this: "Part One." And they should NOT merely be in the forums; they should be on the game itself.

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