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[Post New]by feenix2011 on Nov 24, 11 6:33 PM
I have tried to play this game for two consecutive weekends now, but I really can't seem to enjoy it!! I find the graphics kind of amaturish and hate how hard it is to get from one screen to another. I'm clicking all over the place to find how to escape one sceen to get to another. (sorry, I just repeated myself) I'm not crazy about the story either. Oh well, I had a credit to use, so I don't feel so bad. I don't know if I will go back to finish this game!!


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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by mariannequilts on Nov 26, 11 11:47 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed this game......very good journey. An excellent story and very well told. Plenty of adventure and action with not too many H0s. The puzzles were interesting and doable. The voice-overs were good. The graphics and scenes were interesting and I loved the hint/advice system. Wish all games had the same system. I was sorry to see the game end.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by QuietLurker on Nov 30, 11 5:24 PM
I want to like this game, but don't yet. I remember that I loved Berlin Nights. This is by the same maker, but not part of a series, I don't think. Berlin Nights - since I liked it - would probably be too easy by today's standards.

1) I play to relax, am impatient, and like some hand-holding. And I don't like to use the hint button over and over to get that. For me this just isn't intuitive as to what to do next.
2) Nice graphics - but way too monochromatic. And I hate to be cold. Had to turn the sound nearly off because of the cold wind.

I haven't finished the demo, and may look at it again tomorrow. Happy gaming to the many fishies for whom this is a cup of tea.


I Hated This Game

[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Dec 3, 11 2:29 PM
I absolutely hated this game, but I'm not sure why. haha

As others have said, the graphics were nice, the voiceovers were good, and the HOS were pretty easy. Plus, the Hint meter doesn't have to recharge. You have Instantaneous Unlimited Hints! There's also no random-click pemalty. Not only can you use Hints for the HOS, but also during the game. You can also Skip the puzzles. Plus, there is an Advice button that tells you want you need to do next and each time you press it, it gets more specific with what needs to be done. There are also 2 modes of play, so it seems like the game has everything.

So what went wrong? The bottom line for me was that the game simply was not fun. First, the constant sound of the wind was very annoying and made me feel cold. Second, there was a sameness to the game from chapter to chapter. You had to keep finding energy lines to open doors and it didn't make any sense to me. I found the game to be unintuitive. Then there was the Map Room that you had to keep going back to and the scenes and the puzzles all had a sameness to them. There wasn't enough variety. I simply found the game to be a real turnoff for me, plus it was pretty short. I was so fed up with the game, that I continually used the Hints throughout it. If you don't use the Hints, the game will be longer, but still there were only 5 chapters.

Two Thumbs Down from me. Not recommended.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by enigma5619 on Dec 5, 11 7:39 PM
a good game
decent puzzles
great story
good icky factor
good H.O. games
everything skippable in time
not the best but different enuf and enjoyable

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by genkicoll on Dec 11, 11 8:33 PM
Mystery Stories: Mountain of Madness (IHOG)

I did not realize that this was the third in a series until I came to post my review!

With it's refreshingly-different graphics style, an interesting story and appropriately dramatic (but not overpowering) music, the game drew me in almost immediately.

Options include sliders for music and sound effects, plus custom cursor, the ability to switch back and forth between easy and expert mode, full-screen and a box to choose your screen resolution (ie. 1024x768, etc.) There is also the option to turn off the effects for those with slower computers

There is no random-click penalty.

The game starts out in the uninhabited tundra, cold and desolate in its beauty. It wasn't long before I realized that this game is very reminiscent of The Thing, with Kurt Russell - a movie I have long wished to be able to play as an IHOG or adventure game! :o Happy day for me, I got a combination of the two, IHOG and adventure! Don't let me mislead you - the game does not follow the storyline of The Thing, but it is reminiscent enough in [i]feeling[/] that I am a happy camper.

The gameplay itself is more adventure than HOG, also a plus. When you do have HOG scenes, you will end up keeping several items from the area, not just one item (as is the norm for most HOG's). You may have 30 items to find in one scene, but only eight items will be listed at any given time. This adds to the difficulty a bit, as randomly guessing what's on the list won't do you much good. Items will not just found via list, for you will also find them by picture. There are no pencils floating in the sky or ridiculously out-of-place items, and no teeny-tiny items to contend with. Also noteworthy of the HOG scenes is that items you've removed previously will not be present when you have to return!

Gameplay is intuitive, but in case you need help, you have three choices! First, there is an Advice button, which will give you a general hint. If you hit the Advice button a second time (in the same area), it will give you more specific advice. Then there's also a HINT button, which definitely helps if you can't find a missing object during the adventure portion, and of course during the hidden object scenes. The HINT button will also tell you which direction you need to go if you're confused. (LOVE it! Thank you for the tiered hints, devs!)


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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by genkicoll on Dec 11, 11 8:35 PM

We have a journal, but it doesn't have a bunch of writing that you'll have to follow - it is more to remind you of where you've been and what you've done - images and scraps of information you may have gleaned. Once again, thumbs up to the devs, for there are no unsolicited hints in the journal!

The mini-games are perfectly in keeping with the game and the story, and have a SKIP button, if needed. Next to the skip button is a ?, which will give you the mini's instructions.

Every now and then we will change from one character's point of view to another's - something I've seen done only in a few games, previously. It happens automatically, and does not interrupt the flow of the game at all... it seems only natural the way they've done it.

There are achievements in this game, but they are more to track your progress than anything else. You don't have to work hard or even try to get the achievements - they come simply by playing the game like you normally would. Still, it was a nice thought.

I really do enjoy the artwork in this game - it's quite beautiful, and there are some multi-layered scrolling scenes that add real depth to the game. If you do not like scrolling scenes, you can disable them. Doing so will simply meld everything into one static scene that you can see all at once. I must mention that none of the HOG scenes scroll (a good thing for me!)

I believe I'm getting near to the end, and it's been a real pleasure. Definitely a solid game, I recommend it

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by emmyjayne on Dec 12, 11 4:46 PM
I was so surprised by this game. I didn't have high expectations because it's an SE, but I just finished the game and I really enjoyed it. Very engaging story, it filled my widescreen monitor, decent graphics, and good puzzles. The music did annoy me so I turned it off, but that's about my only major complaint. I would definitely recommend this game. I'm very glad I bought it!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by blujeens on Dec 29, 11 7:15 PM
Ok, here's my review of Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness:

Options: Music, Sound, Custom Cursor, Fullscreen, Effects Off, Resolution. Game Modes were Casual or Expert

Graphics: Nice, clear, lots of blue. I don't mind the blue too much, but I have to agree that lots of blue isn't always necessary to indicate cold temperatures.

Vocies/Sounds/Music: There was voice-over only on reading a page at the beginning of each chapter, and sound effects were wind and more wind, but there was also a snowstorm going on outside where I live at the same time so I found myself throwing extra wood on the fire! The music was nice, but very repetitive.

Minis/HOGs: I chose to play Expert which I think only eliminated the sparkles. The skip options during the minis were ready to use almost immediately, and the hints were very good in that they offered only a hint as to how to play a mini or where to find something. You could click 2x on a hint if you wanted to know how to solve it so you really didn't need a WT. The HOGs were not junkpiles & after solving them, you sometimes had to go back to collect pieces for other puzzles.

Game Overall: I thought this was a good game by BF & Cerasus Media. I admit I have not read this particular HP Lovecraft story, but now I will! The storyline was different which made it so interesting, and I enjoyed the scrolling feature which made the game seem more lifelike. I am sorry for those fishes who get motion-sickness from this feature. You also play 2 characters, switching from one to the other, which is not favorable to me. Altho there's a crash scene, it's from airplanes, not cars, & as far as I know, you're not related to the person you have to find! Also, I forgot to time myself, but I think this one lasted 4 to 5 hours for me.

Recommendation: This game has a lot of blood & dead people, animals & other things in it that may not be fun for some, especially the very young. If you can get past that, the game is quite interesting. Not my favorite, but good anyway.

Out of 5 stars, I give this one

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by SueDee67 on Jun 29, 12 6:09 AM
This was an OK game. But very short to my way of thinking. If I had it to do over I would wait until it was the daily special at $2.99. Based on length alone.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by kelsie2 on Jul 1, 12 1:39 PM
good graphics and story, did not have sound on, yes the game was short but I really enjoyed it .. I think the "Advice `" system made it a little to easy for my lazy brain to click for help !!!! I think this is why I finished the game so quickly !!!
Enjoyed mini games although they were quite easy, skip button too close to the how to play button I skipped a good game by mistake !!!
For the daily deal I had more than my moneys worth !!!!!!!
Will now check on books by the author Lovecraft
Thank devs


TOO SHORT: less than 2 hours

[Post New]by melikamiki on Jul 24, 12 8:09 PM
I bought this during the $2.99 deal, thinking it was a good price. I played about 15 minutes of the demo. I liked the graphics, the story, and the game play, but I finished this game in under 2 hours. I know it was under two hours because I have a "game time" that lasts about 1 hour. and I finished the game during my game time. So demo time plus my usual game time puts this one in the 1 1/2 slot. I can't tell you how disappointed I was in this, and I let the cut scenes play for a change. Maybe it was because I was expecting the game to last longer, but the ending was quite abrupt. During the last 1/4 of play, the "answers" were revealed in rather quick succession as narrative and the wrap-up was pretty much all narrative.

There are 4 characters: the missing scientist, the pilot, a male somebody, and a female scientist. For the most part you are the female scientist, but for some reason the person calling the shots is the idiotic male somebody. He spends the entire time bossing you, the female scientist with a Ph.D., around like an underling. It was a little confusing at first, as I would expect the expert Ph.D. to be in charge, but that might be because I'm not sexist about these things.. At some point near the end you switch between the two characters a few times, and I think that is where it gets most confusing. All the areas look mostly the same, and the entries/exits are pretty much hidden in the scenery, so once you leave an area for some time as one character, when you get thrown back as the other you have to reorient yourself.

On the good side, the graphics were very nice, the help system was great, and overall the production was good. The voice acting was between good and great. The story could have been captivating and fantastic, but they ended up dropping the ball on it. The puzzles were a mix of HO and inventory/puzzle based. It was a nice mix, but some of the puzzles were confusing simply because the puzzles themselves blended so well into the background it was hard to find what to click. While I enjoy "achievements", I do expect them to indicate something special, like all HO without hints, etc. In this game, you get an "achievement" every time you finish a puzzle or "find" an easily found object.

Even with the lackluster story progression, I would have recommended this for $3 if the game play had been longer. As is, I wish I had my money back.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by wickedflower on Sep 1, 12 9:30 PM
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I started it around 0330 or so, and I finished after 0700, so to me it is a decent length.

Glad to hear this as, I just bought after 20mins of demo,dunno why this was such an impulse buy as its not the best game Ive ever demo d but it looks reasonable.I normally play the hour demo then check the walkthrough to gauge how long the entire game will take if I buy. Ive bought on a cheapy weekend deal so hopefully this will make it ouch less if its short :~)
I thought Id clicked on the hint button but found there is a continuous stream of not asked for help during play (I played on easy/casual) Im just ignoring it unless Im looking for where to go next.
Cant comment on music as I always turn off the sound Ive never found a game that Ive liked the music on yet!
So far so good after 2hrs of slow gameplay, 3 outta 5 for me

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

[Post New]by NiceZombie on Nov 15, 12 5:06 AM
I liked this game Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, it's about the myths behind Shoggoth, Cthulhu and other monsters.

Not a very long game, but I really liked the graphics, very frozen and snowy landscapes. The puzzles were fun, not hard. I loved the side-scrolling feature, it really gives the scenes a 3-D look, very nice. Also the music reminded me of Lord of the Rings for some reason... I liked the songs.

A short, simple game... good enough for a free coupon!

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