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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Akela16 on Mar 8, 12 7:46 AM
I'm playing on an IMac running OS X 10.6.8 ... no problems

This is one great game. I really have nothing to complain about. Everything is great !
I played the easy mode, and thank goodness for the detailed hints ... otherwise l'd have been hard pressed to figure out what to do next, and where. I try to get through without using the strategy guide. The bonus game was super and good and long too.

I highly recommend the Collector's Edition .... it's worth it !

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by tookat on Mar 14, 12 9:35 PM
I can't gush enough about this high quality game. It has a compelling story that takes Werewolf legend on an unexpected twist! This is not your usual Werewolf Saga, but to say too much more would spoil the fun.

This is a visually stunning gameworld, well worthy of playing on a large screen monitor or for this enthusiasts magnifying glass.

The gameplay includes a map that saves you a lot of back and forth clicking..and the map is good looking as well.

There are HOS with variations and mini-games from the easy to the challenging.

Best yet, the Bonus Features are well worth the CE cost. The Bonus Game was of the same quality as the main game and of good length as well.

I give this more than five paws up!

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by ChocPeng on Apr 2, 12 1:13 PM
silent_pepper wrote:I've played Grim Tales - The Bride, I like The Bride, probably I will like this one too,
the artwork and movie looks really promising,
will review later

Please wait until you've played the game to leave a review. It is hard to find good reviews when you have to sift through pages of people saying, "I'm downloading it now, looks fun!"

People have pretty much stopped doing that - it used to be rampant - so please, this is the thread to review the game.

I'd love to read your review on the game after you've completed it. But please, wait until you have a review to post here.

I make this request most respectfully, of course.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by WilJul on May 19, 12 6:58 PM
LOVED this game! Best one I've played in a while. Great puzzles (some that I had to skip - which I hate to do), great HOG scenes, and beautiful graphics.

I won't go into too much detail as it has all been said already, but I must stress the best part about this game is it's LENGTH. I played on Advanced mode (which is the middle, good thing, since I skipped a couple of puzzles, which you can't do on Hardcore) and this game took me around 7 hours! 7 hours! That is unheard of! Plus, close to another hour for the bonus game. Kudos developers! It is really appreciated!

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by blujeens on May 29, 12 7:01 PM
OK, here's my review of Grim Tales: The Legacy CE

Options: Offered were Music, Environment, Effects, Voice, Gamma, Full Screen & Custom Cursor. Game modes were Casual, Advanced & Hard. After the main game is completed, you have the Bonus Content that has Extra Game Play, Wallpapers, Concept Art & Music (which, once again, is NOT downloadable! Urrrgh!)

Graphics: Graphics were very good, but not the best I've seen. Using Gamma lifted some of the black 'n blue, but then the graphics didn't seem as interesting.

Voice/Sound/Music: The voice-overs were far & few inbetween, the sound effects were just ok, and the music was practically non-existent! Still, I'm a collector of tunes, and so I was very disappointed to learn that I couldn't download the music at the end of the game.

Minis/HOGs: I played Advanced, and for me, these were some pretty interesting mini-games. I have to admit that I finally gave up on a couple, so it was good to have the Skip button, tho I wonder if it was more due to my being tired & wanting to get to bed! The HOGs were disappointing - just junk piles that were nondescript.

Game Overall: I hate sounding like a broken record, but I've got to agree with the majority of the pond on this one in that I felt like something was missing in order for me to really like this game. I enjoyed the minis, but there was no real storyline here except one. I liked the SG, even tho some fishies didn't care much for it. I generally like games by Elephant, but this one just didn't do it for me. Also, the extra game had absolutely nothing to do with the main game if that helps you to decide whether or not to buy the SE.

Recommendation: No real spookiness here, altho you are dealing with the supernatural, so that might bother some players, but if you read the game description, why are you playing it in the first place??? If you're just playing games for the minis & HOGs, then you might like this one, but that's all the real satisfaction that you're going to get here.

Out of 5 stars, I give this one

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Scottsteaux63 on Jul 13, 12 2:33 PM
One word: FABULOUS!!! Great graphics, great atmosphere, great everything. And it is a LONG game too; far too many of the Collector's Editions of late have been disappointingly short.

If you don't like dark themes, this one isn't for you. As it happens I love 'em. The darker the better. And I see there's another Grim Tales just out called "The Wishes." I have already put it on my "games to buy" list.

I loved every minute of this one; it is worth every penny and then some.


Great Game!

[Post New]by onesweettart on Jul 26, 12 4:41 PM
Dominick_Fontana wrote:One error I saw was that for the legend in the Map, it shows the graphics for Outside, Ground Floor, First Floor, and Underground. I didn't understand what the difference was between the Ground Floor and the First Floor. It turns out they made a mistake and the First Floor legend actually represented the Second Floor.

I know this is a very old post that I'm responding to, but thought I'd let you know in case you're curious...it probably wasn't a mistake on the Map. I don't know if the dev is a UK-based company or if they do some of their developing in the UK, but over there, the "First Floor" of a building is the floor above street level. Ground Floor is street level, next up is First Floor, then above that Second Floor, etc. Thus when you enter an elevator you'll find buttons for G, 1, 2, etc. I remember a friend reading a British book a few years back and asking me in their confusion about how a character could be standing on the "first floor landing" of the stairs, looking down at people who had just entered the building.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Kyasarin on Sep 17, 12 10:41 PM
Overall a beautiful and enjoyable game to play. It's long, but full of enough content to make it not feel tedious. Also, the map was nice. Having to backtrack in a game with so many locations can be a real drag, so being able to hop between locations was an intelligent choice on the part of the gamemakers. Also, thanks for not saddling the voice actors with bad British accents.

The one problem I encountered was that the map would not always identify locations with actions available. Several times, I got stuck and had to use the hint, which would send me to a location without the exclamation point that was supposed to signal objectives. Once I wised to that, I spent more time than I'd have liked going over old locations just to make sure they were really tapped out.

Other than that, it was a fun, challenging game, and I'm looking forward to the last chapter in the saga.

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