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Re:Comments for Overworld: Spring of Shadows CE

[Post New]by Aerosage on Feb 2, 12 2:46 AM
Most times before I purchase a game, I will download the sample, play it, read the reviews here and sometimes even go to other sites and read their reviews, in order to see if the rating changed any. After reading the reviews on this particular game there was one thing that I noticed. The reviewers do not list their gender, and because of this it makes it very difficult to weigh people's opinions. Essentially, a game that attracts females because of colors, characters, etc. often does not attract the opposite sex. For example, being a male I tend to go for more aggressive-type games. When it comes to HO I tend to go for those with dark themes, heroic themes and/or epic themes.So, if only for the sake of better reviews to base a purchase on, it would be much appreciated if people would list their gender while posting their review of any particular game.

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Re:Comments for Overworld: Spring of Shadows CE

[Post New]by sfcali on Feb 3, 12 11:57 PM
Smallhaven --

The bonus game is long but it also doesn't introduce anything especially new or different. It is interesting to see how Fiona ended up in her situation, and to do essentially the reverse of the locket puzzle, but it is less story-centered and more puzzle-centered.

For me, the biggest reason to the get the CE is being too impatient to wait to play such a nice game. This is, in my opinion, 10x better than most of the ordinary games out there, so paying 2x as much was easy. The story itself is really good and interesting.. yes, most the puzzles are easy... but easy is good in this case because it adds to the relaxing enjoyment of the scenery, characters and plot of the adventure. Both the minigames and the hidden object scenes were beautiful, never boring even if they weren't too difficult, so they were fun to just interact with them.

This might be because I love art and can be entertained for hours in an art gallery or museum, and every scene in this game is so gorgeous to look at... the additional time to play the game in the bonus was nice for that reason. There is a little extra challenge in the bonus, too, I noticed...not much...but I got stumped a couple times and needed to check the SG.

If you can afford to do so, why not just go for the CE and enjoy the game right now? If you can't, though, don't worry that you'll miss too much in the bonus just adds a little extra depth to the story without changing it too much.

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