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Re:Thank you for the developers!

[Post New]by tookat on Mar 2, 12 3:31 AM
Thank you BoomZap for taking such a leap in the design of your game.
I have rarely been so entranced as I was by this game. It made me feel as if I was really, truly in this new world where the Fae could be so close to their actual counterparts. A mis-step here or there, but those I am sure were to please other segments of the gaming community.

The art work, music were really phenomenal and I found the game play both challenging and innovative.

What was best of all, is that I felt transported to this world and cannot wait for my games in this franchise.

ten paws up

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Re:Thank you from the developers!

[Post New]by patcam52 on Mar 11, 12 12:24 PM
I don't want to say thank you for a game riddlied with gliches. You fixed the gems and the locket, might it be possible for you to fix the wood tiles on the 2nd floor somewhere in the time you are celebrating your success on the game. If I were you I'd pull this game til it is FIXED. Don't celebrate, the game is bad and should never have been released with all these problems.

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Re:Thank you from the developers!

[Post New]by heleanthia on Feb 9, 13 1:11 PM
I started with Otherworld Summer (WHICH I adored too)
I so love this series and just wanted to say, had I known how wonderful this series was, I would NOT have hesitated.
I have some of your other games and love them but this is SO different (and yet has so many of the great details that I have loved in your other games.

But the ARTWORK lovingly done, and so artistic, and painterly. I just stop and gaze at so many of the scenes in awe, before getting back to,"work"

I love the puzzles( so appreciate that they do NOT force the player to stumble from tedious HOG scene to HOG scene with objects that would never be found in the locations..) I just finished the part where one makes a little coat for the hobgoblin :BRILLIANT LOVE that kind of activity....

I think that you are all very very talented, and look forward to the fall and winter editions....
thanks for providing so many with SUCH FUN!!!

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