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[Post New]by game_watcher on May 20, 14 4:24 PM
Reesyann wrote:Well I am done playing now. I was really enjoying the game but when I am hit with a pitch to spend money every time I log on then I stop playing. I would gladly buy this game but I don't spend money on free to play games because you get sucked in to spending too much money once you start down that road.

You can buy it from the developer for $9.95 and at least one player with the purchased game is not having any issues. Big Fish won't cut a deal to get this game for its players because it is suckering in new players who will buy gold and silver.

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Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by chrsty740 on May 21, 14 5:51 PM
I would give it a b- Its a fun game that takes a bit to really enjoy . I am level 37,and it has a slow progression to it ,As some update to things cost gold so i have to wait to earn enough. Not to happy about the update I'm in luck , so i will not be spinning that wheel . Nice , Easy, And Free. So OK Good game.

Would like to see more quest, And achievements. As I'm getting closer to higher levels i am wondering how it is going to keep me engaged .


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[Post New]by farmincrazy22 on Jun 1, 14 5:24 AM
This is a really neat game if you can install it and still have cupid. I never had an issue until I installed the so-called update and it got rid of my cupid now everything goes so slow I have lost intrest in playing and after level 32 it deleted everything and made me restart at level 1 WITHOUT cupid. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but no luck and customer service doesn't reply back about issues. If anyone knows how to fix this even if I need to make a new account or something please message me.

Otherwise this game is super cool, my kids love it and I can plan crops to grow and be ready even when I cant check it for 2 or 3 days. I use a PC with Windows 7.

Thanks and happy playing!


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[Post New]by 46151003 on Jun 20, 14 12:27 AM
Help me please I am on level 55 their are no more task is the game over I have ove 300 gold coins at what level is the game over


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[Post New]by UneRosette on Jul 10, 14 8:08 PM
I originally played the game for free but decided to speed things up and purchased some gold. I thoroughly enjoyed the game for months. Shortly after I installed the update it really botched things up. It took a long time for the issues to be fixed. I was lucky enough to get a response the first month or so and SOME of the problems were resolved but not all. I wound up starting a new game and everything went well. When I sent my complaint to BigFish I did get my large purchase of gold coins refunded. I continued to play the game since then and bought gold coins on occasion. Now that I am at Level 55, there are no new quests, and the game is no longer as interesting. But I would still recommend the game to new people. Just be very careful about updates and cautious about any money you invest in buying coins.

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Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by kayette on Jul 24, 14 2:45 PM
I am enjoying this game although I did a total restart after figuring out that I had squandered my gold on stupid stuff like speeding things up when a few minutes patience would have served or not figuring the cost of spending gold on plants vs. just buying the quest for gold. I had the glitch (thankfully!) that prevented me from buying gold too!
I find it a relaxing but challenging strategy game and I love sim type games which let you build and design space. More like this please!

Oh and thanks to all of you fishies who have posted tips and answered questions! You are AWESOME!


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[Post New]by CryKiller on Aug 5, 14 3:59 PM
The new update I got last night was the final straw for me in this buggy game. Who cane up with the ideas to ruin the game in such a drastic way. Double the jars for health? Really. Cost 7 hars for 5 health but it costs 40 jars for 20?? WTH. The action billboards are so large and is difficult to maneuver to catch those butterflies on the edges. When selling stuff if you have 3000 items and want to sell half of an inventory item, you have to make a click to remove one item. If these things are not fixed soon, I will uninstall this game which is not fun anymore.
Gold. How about sell me the game for $10 and give me a gold mind. I will never purchase gold off the site and it seems that it is impossible to upgrade things past a certain point.
Since this update, my score is 1 out of 10.

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[Post New]by sjensen25 on Aug 22, 14 5:48 PM
The game is addicting and fun for the most part in the beginning people have stated their few likes which are mutual here are my cons.
-Im on level 32 of 55 there are no more quests from the map and very slow going to the next level. If there are no quests you don't get experience as fast. Why do they stop quests 23 levels before the end of the game?
- I have not bought any gold coins but in order for you to upgrade your pens and factories they are required, I think it should be optional if you want to do it at an earlier time but eventually have it available for coins kind of like its done with the animals. Since gold is required to upgrade I chose to build instead so on this tiny limited space farm I have 4 sheep pens. There needs to be more ways to achieve gold coins if you are going to charge 90 gold to upgrade a cow pen
-Its frustrating when you have 10 quests but can only do one due to not having access to the things needed to complete the quest for 4-5 levels.
- Some of the goals are not worth it, esp ones requiring wheat. I did the math on one, I had to SPEND 975,000 coins to plant wheat to make the items and then the goal only gives me 68,000. I might as well just sell the wheat.
-the excessive wait times for building and crop growth plus low energy. Sometime your crop will die because energy is not restored quick enough. If grandpa, husband, grandma does nothing I can plant, water and fertalize 20crops at a time. If grandma collects frm my 30animals and doesnt feed or water that leaves 27 energy to plant, water, fertilize.So I'm down to 9 crops,that's if at one point I have spent 16 gold for 4 hrs unlimited time to pump as much water as I can so i dont have to waste energy on that.
There is a few more things but this forum keeps scrambling my words. This game hasalot of potential. They just need to do math, add quests for appropriate leve till the end of the game, and I feel if you have to wait, 8 1021, hours for crops eergy should be eliminated, not like you can speed it up. Or decrase time inrease energy. c

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[Post New]by Babsonline on Nov 6, 14 1:10 AM
I've been playing this game now for over 12 months and up until today I would have recommended it to anyone THAT WAS UNTIL I UPDATED THIS MORNING!!!! I am thoroughly disappointed with the designers they have now made it so that instead of taking MINUTES to produce things it now takes DAYS!!! This will take all the fun out of the game and as a result I intend to uninstall it! I HOPE THEY ARE HAPPY BECAUSE I AM NOT THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE GAME!!!!!!


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[Post New]by fraylety on Nov 7, 14 1:21 AM
congratulations to the game makers as they have turned a game that was fun into a game that isnt worth the time it takes to load

this used to be a good game but after the last update it is now a cant do any quest that requires animal products.
they seem to think that this update will make them money as it is trying to force you to buy gold continuously to be able to do anything unfortunately i dont think this will work most will just use the uninstall button shame as it used to be a nice game


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[Post New]by doggieperson on Nov 7, 14 10:14 PM
Was on level 50. Hacker got on computer and had to restart. I am now on 25 but did new activation. It looks like it is going to not be as fun. I accidentally sold two of my buildings also trying to get money to do things. It looks like I will need to wait days for eggs, wool or milk instead of an hour or so.

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[Post New]by Liantara on Nov 9, 14 7:23 AM
Was a great game until the last update. Good jobs ****-guys, you managed to completely ruin the fun of it.

Honestly, I dont mind donating if the game is fun and if the donation is actually not necessary to progress but only speeds up things, but if a game developer starts to force me to donate so i can actually progress in a reasonable way, the fun is over.

Uninstall --> Done!

Me --> Gone!


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[Post New]by Saylah on Nov 10, 14 1:17 AM
I use to enjoy Farm Up but their most recent update celebrating it's 2nd Birthday have, in my opinion, ruined the game. They made it take substantially longer for the animals and fish to grow. You now have to buy food for them. Some of the quests cost you more to complete then you get for completing them. Quite a bit more. I for one am going to quit playing if they don't reverse their "update". It appears to exist only so they can make more money and in no way increases pleasure in or enhances the players ability to play the game.


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[Post New]by ElectricYelloLab on Nov 10, 14 5:03 PM
This game used to be good.

Until The Update Yesterday!!!


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Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by Rivakonneva on Nov 10, 14 8:13 PM
I am very disappointed with the game since I installed the update. I've played it for over 18 months, and finally started buying gold to speed things up. Now it seems they want me to buy gold just to survive, and they've changed the production times to insure it takes weeks to fulfill quests instead of days. It's not fun any more. It's just a grind.

Once my gold is gone, so am I.


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[Post New]by chilisill59 on Nov 16, 14 5:40 AM
Farm up used to be a really charming and funny game to play.
And it was okey to buy some goldcoins now and then to invest in the farm.

With the latest update in November 2014 the game-developers managed to kill of all of that. Now it´s just a money-eating, time-consuming and really, really boring game.
As so many others of us Farm Up-fans, I am out, It´s over.
R.I.P Farm up.


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[Post New]by Sailordisco on Nov 21, 14 1:10 PM
I love this game, and am REALLY glad I dodged the bullet that is the latest update! Everything I've read about it in the forums and reviews told me ahead of time not to bother with downloading it! I REALLY hope that Big Fish and **** will update soon and fix all the new flaws so I can keep playing this game to my hearts content!

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Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by CandyDay1 on Nov 24, 14 12:34 PM
It was a good game. But now it takes too long to get wool. Wish I hadn't updated.


Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by PhaedrasPhantasy on Nov 26, 14 10:56 AM
CandyDay1 wrote:It was a good game. But now it takes too long to get wool. Wish I hadn't updated.

My auto-update button magically checked itself, and once it started, I couldn't get it stopped. Even tried crashing the computer to no avail. Now the link to that update appears to be GONE, and we are stuck with the mess. I am level 59, and I do NOT recommend this game since it's last update on Nov. 5, 2014.

I've been told by resident guru that the post for the update is still there, just named October 5 now instead of Nov 5. Odd.

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Re:Reviews for Farm Up

[Post New]by gerl2 on Dec 2, 14 1:54 PM
I would like a refund, I invested money and time into this game. Just like you purchase something, you don't like it or broken you return it and get a refund.


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