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Re:Looking for neighbors

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Feb 16, 18 4:31 PM
Just joined it, user name : Northy

I'm not sure how it works - it's a hit and miss kinda game for me. I'm not even sure how to gift or how to ask for gifts? Do we actually ask for something, or it's friends that gift us something of their choice??

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Re:Looking for neighbors

[Post New]by Jarrow on Feb 17, 18 9:33 AM
Welcome to the Farm

What I tend to do is gift the things I want in return and give back what I am gifted. You are limited to only 5 'free' gifts a day, so I tend to gift only those that gift me. Once you get a little higher in the game, you have an option to increase that to 7 'free' gifts, but it will take some time to achieve the stars that are needed for that.

There is many, many different ways to tackle this game, just start by planting what you can and earn coins and experience to level up. The first option in the farm house is for the farms quests and these will help you with small amounts of coin and experience on a daily basis.

Enjoy. Open a new thread for any specific questions so this thread will stay focused on new neighbors. Happy Farming

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