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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by Kyasarin on Dec 19, 14 8:25 PM
While I overall enjoyed the game, I do wish they hadn't opted to just do a single type of puzzle throughout. I found them irritating. A lot of times, what you needed to do was so obscure that you couldn't figure it out with logic. I resorted to the puzzle hint system way more than I wanted to.

The other thing is, if you're going to go British, go all out. It was downright distracting to go from British accents to American when they're all supposed to be from the same region. I could even excuse the atrocious British accents. So, a little consistency would be a good thing.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by kelsie2 on Dec 26, 14 8:42 AM
there were similar puzzles in the last MCF Madame Fate...They were complex, but after getting the hang of them , I could solve them without the hints.. I found these impossible, there seemed to logic, and I had to use the guide and the hints....
Now I have finished the game , but nearly gave up, I had lost interest, too much running back and forth, I used the map constantly , so no challenge....
I guess I expected more for a MCF game.... this was regular mediocre game ..
I have not played the bonus,may try that later, now I need to play something to wake me up !!!!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by masterdetectivek on Dec 27, 14 8:12 PM
I really love the Mystery Case Files games, they are the best hidden object games out there to date! Recommend to everyone out there!
My favorites are Return to Ravenhearst, Escape from Ravenhearst, and Fate's Carnival.
Here is my feedback on the newest game, Dire Grove, Sacred Grove:

I honestly found the game to be slow and dragging on and on and on. It was not interesting, just a tale of two brothers, a few hunters, and druids. It was kind of dry. No scary scenes, nothing standing out, no sign of Alistair or Charles Dalimar at all. I was losing hope...until.. BOOM! Tonatos the raven reared his very-much-welcomed ugly little head with those darling blood red eyes. This moment in the game was when I got interested.
PLEASE creators of the MCF games, PLEASE, keep Alistair, Tonatos, and Charles in the games. These arch nemeses are what keep the games scary, alive, and interesting. I did not like it when I had to play an entire dry game only to spot my favorite bad guy (animal?) basically toward the end of the game.
We do not want another Shadow Lake. (Or 13th Skull for that matter, although I enjoyed it more than Shadow Lake) (A game that has nothing to do with any of the other games or characters.) We need ties here, people. And the antagonists are pretty interesting characters, so play off of them. How did Alistair get to be such a bad, conniving guy? What was his childhood like? I miss seeing the twins!

I loved the scary, gloomy setting in the Bonus Round (after we reunited Peter and Derek, got back to our car, and realized the little metal deer turned into a red eyed wolf). The dark setting was phenomenal. Creepy, deep rolling clouds over a full moon with a torn-down, demolished Dire Grove toppling on the freshly falling snow. Keep that feel up.

I did not like the new way the hidden object games were portrayed. I don't like finding shadows. I like finding a list of things.

I did not like the talking that went on. Too much of it. The voices of the female and male detectives got tiring and monotonous after about the 2nd go around in the game.

On Escape from Ravenhearst (one of the best games in the entire series) I loved how we typed in our names at the beginning of the game and it memorized our names to be used in the story (like on the tombstone, and on the note at the end of the game) It was definitely creepy and unsettling seeing my entire name on a note from Charles Dalimar himself! Keep that in your future games!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by Rugby1 on Jan 1, 15 8:29 AM
I am extremely disappointed with this edition of Mystery Case Files. I thought Shadow Lake was the bottom but this one wins hands down.

I found the story line uninteresting and mediocre, the puzzles were incomprehensible even with the hints and Strategy Guide and there were not enough Hidden Object sequences.

Overall, I hope that Big Fish goes back to designing Mystery Case File games and gets back to what made the series great. As I look back the original Dire Grove was the best, followed by Return to Ravenhearst (in spite of that elevator).

Please, please BG, go back to designing the games the way you did and stop contracting with other houses.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edi

[Post New]by Charbeth on Jan 1, 15 6:28 PM
A few years back I found a game online called “Huntsville” – I bought it on a whim and loved it! Then I discovered there was a sequel, “Prime Suspects”, (with a picture of Obama in a 2006 game – loved it!) and I got that and enjoyed it even more. That Christmas a 3rd game came out – “Ravenhearst” – and the rest is history. I LOVED the MCF games! The following year I started a Thanksgiving ritual – buying the new MCF game.

Fast forward to 2014…it was like watching an AWFUL movie that was filmed on the same set as your all-time favorite movie.

Lots of others have weighed in here already with my same thoughts. I particularly agree with “jinshane”: the voiceovers of Master Detective, the accents all over the board of what should be Yorkshire accents (and the “Brad Pitt“ as Peter), and yes, especially that horrible “Deduction Board” – like you, I SO missed the journal. And so many echoed my objections to the mini-games and Super Puzzles – either too ridiculously easy or so hard that I had to use clues or the Strategy Guide (which was very unhelpful!) for each and every step.

But back to MCF games in general: I appear to be the only person in all time who liked “Shadow Lake”. IMHO it still had very good and original puzzles and HOS. Wasn’t that what we loved about the MCF games? Each one was better and more advanced and very different? Wasn’t “Ravenhearst” completely different from “Prime Suspects”? And then “Madame Fate”? And then “Return to Ravenhearst” (which I think was the only good sequel MCF has done)? And then “Dire Grove” and then “13 Skulls”? I completely loved each of these (and probably “Dire Grove” most of all, so like so many of you am so upset that this return to Dire Grove was so terrible). I stayed faithful – I loved “Fate’s Carnival”! Very good puzzles and the “people”, while not live actors, were very good reproductions of the original “Madame Fate” characters.

I played “DGSG” once and couldn’t go back – played a few other things for a few weeks. The silly plot with the Celtics/Druids/Mistwalkers was so distracting the 1st time I gave up. 2nd time I tried but gave up after a few minutes, then tried to see how quickly I could skip through it. Putting it on mute helped. Completely stupid plot. (Especially the “Alternate Ending”- really, let go of him…)

I am sad that this is the last MCF game I will buy but thank you for a great run. You brought me years of wonderful games; I am only sorry they have come to an end.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by MayPoleLeave on Jan 28, 15 6:32 AM
I wouldn't say the story line is juvenille like some have suggested. I mean look at Samuel. His wife was a tart and his sons are "ambiguous" One son is with the enemy and another is signing his own death warrant. He loses his wife when the mistwalkers won't save her. You have a clash of clans started by a misunderstanding. Seems like very adult issues to me.

We played the original Dire Grove to be up to speed for this. I liked having the same scenery and like others I think the music and graphics were good. Many feel the game was short and maybe it was a little. Does it beat the original? Now. Does is beat Return to Ravenhearst, 13th Skulls and Prime Suspects? Definitely not. It is a game that is neither good nor bad. I felt the voice actors were good enough. The finding pairs was frustrating. I played no hints mode and found a couple puzzles difficult.

This game needed more HOG scenes and less puzzles I feel and yes we do expect more from MCF but overall I wouldn't give up on the series just because this game fell short of the 2010 Game of the year Dire Grove. It is hard to beat the best.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by lukefsje on Jan 29, 15 4:48 PM
The biggest thing that gave Dire Grove a creepy edge was the feeling of solitude. This had no scary vibes at all and barely had hidden object scenes, two things the MCF series was known for. The story had a "be good to nature" moral intertwined within it. The visuals and puzzles were for the most part great although the puzzles aren't original. It's sad that the series that made Big Fish successful with their hidden object games has been brought down by competitors and made into a mediocre point-and-click adventure that's been done thousands of times before. If you want a better game, get the five-year old original.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by Nebride on Apr 2, 15 5:34 PM
Great Game - Hot Guy. Love the Mystery Case File games and this was no exception. It was quite fun to return to Dire Grove with a new game, new mystery. And... there was a super hot guy in this game. I won't say who because I don't want to give out spoilers. But it was quite fun!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by jblad on Sep 30, 15 11:54 PM
I loved this game...I really enjoy challenging puzzles and there were many. The multiple puzzles within one scene absolutely sold the game to me, although there were a few bugs such as doing things in a different sequence than those particular puzzles required meant I had to check the walkthrough.

Excellent graphics, not the usual storyline and great ending.
really enjoyable and not even a CE!!!!

Thanks BF and developers.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS here for Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove Collector's Edit

[Post New]by mamajay on Oct 1, 15 12:03 AM
I don't think I finished the demo when this game was first released. Or if I did, I forgot whether I liked it enough to buy or not

However, with the yearly brou ha hah starting up again (always fun to speculate ), I decided to give the game another go. And I am glad I did. In fact I bought it, and have just finished it after several hours of play time

In spite of being made by Elephant Games, I found it quite enjoyable, and liked the Lady Detective's voice. To my eyes, Peter looks more like a young Steve Baldwin, than a young Brad Pitt, but that's just me, lol. I especially enjoyed the Alternate Ending, even though many players apparently did not, as it gave me more of the back story than was in the main game and bonus chapter. Each to their own

No, the game is definitely NOT perfect. But then, not all of BF's MCF efforts were perfect either. And while I do like Dire Grove, the one I liked best was Return To Ravenhearst, as that was such an amazing game changer for all of us.

So, it's a year late, but I do recommend for any other laggards like me, to give the game a try, and decide for yourself



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