Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by bavaromoto on Jun 17, 11 1:41 AM
I have both: The Demo und the full version.
But in the Demo, that level 11 I find no way to fix it up in Gold time.
Really no idea.
Who can help ?
Thanks in advance.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by Liasmani on Jul 20, 11 4:49 AM
Graphics – 3 stars
Story – 3 stars
Music/Sounds – 3 stars
Gameplay – 3 stars
Overall – 4 stars

My ratings of games can be high as 5 and can be low as 1.

Ratings Explained:

1 star: Poor
2 stars: Okay
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent


Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by rachel_o on Aug 2, 11 5:40 AM
I loooooove this game! I have already played it all the way through to gold level about 4 times. Please hurry up with Royal Envoy 2! This is the best game ever!!!!

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Aug 27, 11 1:31 AM
I enjoy building or creating something in a game, but I can't play time management games. I can barely sit up in a chair, much less move a mouse quickly. (I hate being old.) Sometimes I play My Kingdom for a Princess or Roads to Rome online, and I can get to about level 3 or 4. Then it tells me I'm a failure and I can't continue. I thought Royal Envoy was the same way. But it's not!!!

Once I realized the timer was just for the gold star rating and I could just relax, enjoy the game, and take as much time as I wanted, it was great. Sometimes the requirement didn't include happiness, so there was no need to build gardens. But I WANTED to build gardens. They are pretty and I like them. So I built them anyway. I found the market places annoying and too much math, so I demolished them all. If I needed them to complete a level, I rebuilt them at the end. I had a great time and was able to complete all the levels on MY terms.

My only disappointment was I hoped at the end to be able to build a town with whatever I wanted and that never happened. I still don't like TM games, but this was definitely better than the rest. I wish someone would develop a turn based game like this for all of us who are mouse-challenged.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by mareMeva on Sep 13, 11 6:19 AM
lackoo wrote:
jakiblue wrote:How much different is the Collector's Edition is this one - what do you get in the CE that you don't get here?

On another note, I LOVE this game, from the demo I played.
30 extra levels

30 extra levels!!!! OOOOH, is it possible to update it ? I did not go for the CE and now I wish more!!!



My favorite game in the iPad!

[Post New]by Calileo on Sep 18, 11 11:50 AM
Hard but not impossible requires strategy and skill! When is #2 coming out on the iPad?? Hurry!!!


Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by PippEmma on Jan 19, 12 11:46 AM
My favorite time management are Royal Envoy, Roads to Rome and My Kingdom for a Princess. Besides these, are there any other similar ones available?

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by auds7466 on Jul 4, 12 2:52 PM
good points

graphics colourful
challenging tasks

bad points
music irritating
negotiations with the market stall person inaudible
game a bit too long and repeatative

over all it is a great game and i will be getting the 2nd installment soon !!

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Royal Envoy

[Post New]by tinyzac on Dec 17, 12 4:10 PM
i am very confused i bought royal envoy played it loved it so then down loaded number 2 when i opened to play showed that i had completed entire game how is that possible ? no need to buy now i checked to see if i had bought it and forgotten so what do i play now? are these two games the same game?

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