[Post New]by lanky46musician on Apr 7, 17 6:15 PM
Hi Spmittle,

It you click on your avatar, you can then click on the bar that says "player." Backspace to remove player if you want and put in your name. Click on the checkmark and then you will see your new name under your avatar.


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[Post New]by Hojunkie on Apr 7, 17 6:29 PM
Hi guys and gals!

What a pleasant surprise to find that there are so many baby boomers here!

I check the forem occasionally but am busier in my retirement than I was when I worked 7 days a week

Agree whole heartedly that we are a faithful and loyal group...I am 66, in my third year enjoying M.C., and at level 76.

I spend spare time wandering the Castle amassing inventory, going on quests, and loving the special events so may see you there

Enjoy the play...
Rita i2052767



[Post New]by Spmittel on Apr 7, 17 6:45 PM
Auntie Roo, just call me Starlight! Thanks. And to my new friends, so glad to meet you



[Post New]by MauriH on Apr 7, 17 7:19 PM
I also am a senior..happy senior. Retired 2005 and enjoying life. Love playing Midnight castle. My PC # 365374



[Post New]by Spmittel on Apr 9, 17 6:07 AM
Thanks so much to my new Midnight Castle friends for the help with unique stamps. I
Can now continue playing.

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[Post New]by larrymaz on Apr 9, 17 6:07 PM
I too, am a senior, 75. Would be helpful if folks would specify which type of device they are playing... ios, pc, etc.

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[Post New]by sissymaria on Apr 12, 17 5:16 PM
Hi I'm a Senior "Senior", LOL I'm 79 and love this game, up to level 44 trying to get to 45. My ID# is 597316 This game keeps you sharp and I can't get enough of it.



[Post New]by Susanna502 on Apr 19, 17 5:06 PM
It's a good thing I'm not working at the moment. My daughter knows I play this game, but I'm sure she has no idea how much time I spend in the castle. I learn so much every time I review the forum.

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[Post New]by AuntieRoo on Apr 20, 17 10:53 AM
Hi,I think lots of us have little secrets on that one.My hubby thinks I'm in the spare room sorting paper work.If I hear him coming up the stairs I just spread a few papers around & ask if he's making tea.He soon retreats.I don't know what I did before I joined the MC club.



[Post New]by CalifEve on Apr 21, 17 5:20 PM
Fairly new PC player at level 22 with the Town now open and available for play. I was able to open 2 "stores". Spent all my coins to open the stores and have only 45 diamonds. Really don't want to spend real money to play, so I'm wondering how do I get coins and diamonds. I'm even short of one of the stamps. The quests in level 22 require crafting or opening stores in town, so I'm stuck.

Do I just go back to the castle and play all the HOS?. Are there other ways to get coins and diamonds?

My PC friend code is 660740. Would love to have friends to exchange gifts with. Thanks


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[Post New]by sbaker2318 on Apr 21, 17 5:47 PM
CalifEve..........Welcome..........Yup, you got it........we call it doing "rounds"......around and around and around and do every HOS over and over and over until you have bad dreams about them! Easiest way to make on the morphing objects.......right now its eggs, usually flowers......get diamonds that way (sometimes) the puzzles, spin the wheel, play the slot machine.......and just cross your fingers you get lucky and get DIAMONDS!

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[Post New]by LJM5091 on Apr 21, 17 6:33 PM
Hi CalifEve. Welcome to the Castle .
Sending you an invite. I play with the ID: Great Aunt Linda.

Happy seeking in all the nooks and crannies of MC's world. You have lots of surprises to look forward to.

Glad we will be friends.


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