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[Post New]by Janrok on Mar 24, 18 1:26 AM
Hi. I love the game and really would like to have more friends. Please add me I'm a940173. Thanks

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[Post New]by newday123 on Mar 24, 18 7:31 PM
I have been playing for a while but would like some more friends who have switched to spring room #2. There are 3 HOS's instead of one and you earn a lot more coins. My id is a913306.

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by athwick on Mar 25, 18 8:57 AM
Newday and other seekers:

I have six android games on room 2. Feel free to add any or all. Gifting offered but not required in return! May switch briefly to Rm 1 for myself, but will be 99% Room 2.

Wickery a863110
Wickery DNG a681151
Victoria a584146
AthenaG a919503
Athena2 a588130
SG7 a768322


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[Post New]by Silk342 on Mar 25, 18 9:21 AM
I am level 68 on my tablet, ID is a819051. The name is SILK. I play daily and am very active during events. Spring room 2 is open and I gift and return gifts.

I will switch to Spring 1 for less than a minute each day to do the terrace hidden object scene, but never fear, it will switch back to S2!

Always looking for more active friends! Thanks!

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[Post New]by Lollilips on Mar 25, 18 3:15 PM
A978840 for me!


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[Post New]by peewee1pw2 on Mar 25, 18 3:31 PM
Yes for me.


Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by JustJane57 on Mar 27, 18 1:50 PM
Just started playing again. No longer have my old #. Need friends add: a970044
Thank you


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[Post New]by newday123 on Mar 29, 18 5:15 PM
Would like more friends room 2. a724348

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[Post New]by Playbelle on Mar 30, 18 5:24 PM
Hi, I need more friends for my android game who will be in it for the long haul and will gift back. I rotate through my friends to send gifts at least once a day, usually twice a day. I gift everyone who has at least one REASONABLE gift request (so if you only ask for eggs/crafted items/zoom zone items you will probably be skipped).


Update: I am happy to say that I have over 60 friends now, so I won't be accepting new ones unless/until some of them go inactive. Thanks!

Note: Several of my friends don't have anything on their Wish List. I would encourage all players to open all gift slots (it's definitely worth the diamonds because the more gift options you have, the better your chance of receiving gifts). I would also encourage to update their Wish List frequently.

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[Post New]by JannaMcCastles on Apr 3, 18 12:27 AM
Hello all,

like to offer 2 games on room 2 for hunting only.

No gifting and will be only for event.

Sorry, full up.

Happy hunting,

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[Post New]by vicsinn on Apr 3, 18 2:28 PM
Hi - I'm a relatively new player (3 months/daily) would love friends. My code is a946011



Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by deblmck on Apr 7, 18 12:13 PM
I posted a request for friends but my number was wrong. I edited my post but thought I would post again. My number is a920172. Thanks, debbie


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[Post New]by Inge1979 on Apr 8, 18 4:15 AM
My tablet crashed a few months ago so I have a new id: A955844. I had a lot of Friends on my old device but not that many now on the new one. Anyone who wants to invite me feel free to do so. I invited a few of the people here above.


Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by meg_mm on Apr 12, 18 9:17 AM
hi all, love this game! my code is a877126!


Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by Iluveagles on Apr 12, 18 12:40 PM
Please add me as a friend. A976050



Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by memunk1964 on Apr 12, 18 5:01 PM
Brand new player here! Just started on level 13 and could use some friends. My code is a988260.

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by IBmeWhoU on Apr 15, 18 7:55 AM
Need friends for those coins I can get by visiting your room.
a986302 KSW lvl 17 using room 2
I gift daily and try to make sure I get those that gift me. I play on pc as well but like to get my fix on my tablet.


Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by SweetMagicLady on Apr 15, 18 8:37 PM
Always looking for friends playing midnight castle who know how to use their rooms! Some people never leave their one room! So anyone new or who has played a while and is now using spring room 2 feel free to friend me. a543637
I gift regularly.
Got a request from nini, erased it by mistake, please resend.

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by Taaja on Apr 17, 18 1:53 PM
Hi, Please add me to your friend list. I have room 2 open now and need friends really bad. Our forum is closing so I a keeping a list of all my event friends so I can hopefully add them back for each future event. I don't drop friends after events but I understand if you only want lots of people for events only. Thanks so much in advance for all the adds!

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by Lovelylj on Apr 20, 18 4:17 PM
Please add me, I'm a927005

And add my mom a505269

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